Friday, February 22, 2013

It worked

I am delighted to advise that my work around for the microwave was a triumph. I used a round glass pot stand and stuck this onto the widget with double-sided tape. It worked brilliantly so I do not have to concern myself with lack of porridge.   

Rozalin has given the problem to the Landlord who is pondering the way forward.

And to those who suggested that I just buy a new microwave – I would be happy to but I cannot get the old one out to replace it as it is built-in and I can see no way of extracting it – other than with an axe – which would create its own set of problems.

Yesterday I also managed to scrape Billy’s rear view mirror on the side of the garage again. This was the mirror that was replaced a few months ago.

Do not tell Rozalin because she will be so disappointed with me – but it’s not as though I do it on purpose – it’s just that the parking space is so damn small.

I am currently preoccupied with booking an apartment – and flights – for a trip to Rome next week. This should be easy but is not due to the vagaries of the accommodation and flight booking websites.

These are invariably so badly designed that it makes it a frustrating – if not impossible task – to use them.

Anyway – after a long hard struggle I have rented an apartment near the Spanish steps from Boris.

Molly and her boyfriend Gaston are coming from Paris so it will be a real family get together.

Oh – and it’s snowing again.


  1. Boris renting in Rome near the Spanish steps, I have a bad feeling about this.

  2. Won't the glue on the double sided tape give off noxious gases and poison your food?

  3. have you tried folding the mirrors in before you drive it out mate?

  4. fmcgmccllc: Me too - it does not sound promising given my track record - but Boris does not get paid until after we move in!

    hits: Oh thanks for thinking of that. But it does not seem to get very hot.

    simon: Always do that - otherwise there is no chance of getting into the parking spot.