Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still snowing

Still snowing and – apart from doing a few chores – I have not been outside to do anything of consequence.

We are in grave danger of running out of wood because the apartment has been so cold - so I have started to ration it. The cats and I huddle under blankets at night when we are watching TV and they sleep on top of me when I go to bed.

I only light the fire when Cate is here – which is not too often at the moment.

I got her latest travel program from Rozalin to day and – starting on Sunday - she is going to Kiev, Johannesburg, Dubai, Johannesburg again, Brazil, and the Middle East.

She does come home for most weekends so we do get the chance to catch up.

And she fortunately will be here when we go to Burgundy in April with the Hendersons.

I saw Herr Katzenjammer yesterday morning as he was digging his car out from under a mountain of snow in Beatrixgasse. He has one of those SUV things so it will not fit into our garage.

It made me realize how lucky I am to have a parking spot in weather such as this.

It is of course hell for our building supervisor – Frau Sulejmanovic – who spends endless hours with a mop trying to keep the floors free from snow and ice.


  1. Burgundy in April sounds wonderful.

  2. quite pleasant here badger. blue sky, moderate temps

  3. How fortunate you are! Our Herr Haussmann has developed a method whereby the sand and dust are removed from the garage and is deposited on the cars.

  4. I am glad your ducks are doing fine. Do you ever eat duck?

  5. fmcgmccllc: We certainly hope so.

    Simon: Excellent news - I hope the fires have gone

    Feuillet: WE have a special garage cleaner to do that.

    esb: I regret to say I have been known to eat the occasional duck - but I keep this quiet.

  6. yes lloks likek the fire season here is all but over. the shadows are lengthening too.

  7. What I would give for some cooler weather here. We are relieved when temps only reach 29-30 deg !! Having said that the nights have been a little cooler so much more pleasant going to sleep.
    Have the best weekend - tell Cate to stay safe on her travels - esp to Joburg !

  8. Me: Thanks - I will tell Cate to be careful