Monday, January 21, 2013

You would think

The most photographed statue in Vienna

You would think that if two people were going to the USA on the same day at the same time they would take the same flight – wouldn’t you?

Well not us.

We are both flying to Washington on Friday within an hour of each other - but I am flying direct on Austrian while Cate is flying via Frankfurt with Lufthansa.

This is because Cate has back problems and Lufthansa has better seats. In fact they have flat beds in business class so that you can stretch out – which means she does not get crippled during long flights.

Now I would go with her but I could not get seats on Lufthansa – but I would rather go direct anyway. I always hate changing flights.

The temperatures plummeted on the weekend and so did the heating. They are forecasting - °17 on Thursday at which stage I will be able to build an Igloo in the lounge room.

We could get the Air Con people back but I just know if they fix the heating then they will bugger up the cooling – and that is much more important – as we are past the half way stage of Winter.

It has finally stopped snowing  – but more is forecast.


  1. Oh, I wanna come, too!
    Direct flight, though. I don't mind cattle class on Austrian Airlines.

    Looks as if you are going to have snow there!

  2. Some people get to have all the fun...

    It's cold over here as well. Bring coats, but not fur or else the Peta people will kill you to prove how humane they are.


  3. Having read almost every, if not every, single post on this blog, I am not surprised you are on separate flights!

    Had you told us you were on the same flight - that would only be surprising if you were able to sit next to each other.

    Aaaah... the joys of international travel...

  4. Merisi: Would love you to come also - we could do the coffee shops in Washington.

    SK Waller: Yes we are assembling our woollies to bring.

    Annie: You know us too well

    fmcgmccllc: I just don't understand how that got through. I get lots every day and it is usually filtered out.

  5. Oh, that would be so much fun!

    Maybe you can go and have grits with shrimp at Georgia Brown's?