Friday, January 18, 2013

Still snowing

I just read that Sydney has had its highest ever recorded temperature of 45.8°. Jumping Jehoshaphat!

In the meantime it is still snowing here – and getting colder. We were supposed  to get -9° today and – in accordance with time honored tradition – the air conditioning is starting to throw in the towel.

However – we have had lots of practice at this – and we have plenty of winter woollies and lots of firewood – so will survive.

However – we can no longer see out of all of our windows – and our skylights are well and truly covered – so it is getting to be quite dark at any time of the day.

I had to go for another scary drive this morning to see the dentist. I was in there for an hour or so and when I came out had to scrape all the snow off Billy before I could get started.
Rear window

Maybe I don’t want to live in Norway after all.

But just can’t wait for the snow to stop so I can get over to Stadtpark to take some pictures.

I am pleased to report that Billy will be collected on Monday and taken to hospital for repairs. This is good news. Seeing him in current his state of disrepair makes as sad as when Swedish House Mafia split up.


  1. It looks like Norge came to you.

  2. Long time ago not comment you!
    I don`t know snow.=(
    That picture is so beautiful, it looks like a movie set.

  3. Yowza, we are back to all brown and dead. I remember a terrific snow event we had back in the late 90's and at every stop light I had to get out and snap the snow and ice off the wiper blades. Long time since I have seen a snow like that. Of course it was a GM product with a horrible HVAC-sort of like your air conditioner.

  4. esb: Not as cold - but just as much snow.

    GAVIOTA: All Vienna looks like a movie set at the moment.

    fmcgmccllc: Any car that has the problems of our AC is a real lemon.

  5. Rear window of Billy? (Possibly good to have him out of commission when driving is hazardous?)

  6. It was hot mate. So I just sat under the cool of my verandah drinking ice-cold VBs.. now its wet and raining.

  7. Merricks: No it is the rear window of our apartment - Billy has no reindeer.

    simon: Rain sounds very good1