Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What were we thinking?

You will recall – I am sure – the fairly recent saga of the new sofa which we bought to replace our old sofa.

The choice at the time seemed to be ideal (indeed perfect) but of course when it was finally delivered it proved to less efficacious than anticipated in its endeavor to transform our lounge room into a potential Vogue feature.

After some consideration Cate decided that was what missing was a single additional lounge chair. This was all that was needed to transform the current jumble of sofas into a vision of style and comfort.

So we ordered the chair last November and – things being what they are and the fact that the chair was coming from Denmark – apparently by Donkey cart – it arrived today.

For the price we paid I would have thought it could have its own first class seat on Lufthansa – but there we are.

As expected – at least by me – it does not work – and in fact is apparently entirely unsuitable.

Cate is struggling to imagine what she was thinking of at the time when she chose it to go with our new sofa. She stands and stares at it with wonder.

Apart from all the other factors – there is no where to put it  - so it stands in isolation at the side of the lounge suite – looking to all intents and purposes like the Bell Rock lighthouse – but padded - and with four legs.

This entirely unexpected event is one of a number of similar furnituresque tragedies that have befallen our household over many years.

Cate is planning on solving the problem by hiding the lounge chair in one of the bedrooms – or consigning it to the basement - which already contains enough old furniture to outfit Downton Abbey.

Beaten temporarily – but unbowed – she will shortly emerge from a brief furniture induced funk to plan the next acquisition which  - I regret to say -  is unlikely to have the desired result – but will continue a long – arduous and expensive tradition of keeping the world’s furniture makers solvent.


  1. Just think, if you ever get to Peoria you can the best of all garage sales. If you advertise European collectibles it will be a smash.

  2. Let me know if you ever have a garage sale! ;-)

  3. Shame you waited until now to tell us about the armchair (or so I believe). We could have been anticipating both its arrival and its reception...

    BTW, have you started going through your stored cartons to sort out what is to be sent trans-Atlantic? Or will you simply send it all, as from Australia?

    Oops. That sounds a little harsh! Sorry...

  4. I'm with Merisi - pretty please let me know if (when ?) you have a garage sale - am sure there is going to be some great items included !!!
    Have the best week !

  5. Good.
    Glad to know someone else makes ... bewildering furniture choices.

  6. I believe 'furnituresque' is my favorite new thirteen letter word, especiaLLy the symmetrical placement of the U's.

  7. fmcgmccllc: I am not sure Peoria is ready for this type of stuff.

    Merisi: You will be the first.

    Annie: I did tell you that cate would be looking around. I think we will send it all and postpone the clean out again.

    Me: I am not so sure that what we have is 'great'.

    Simon: Provided to pay the freight.

    head in the sun: Oh yes - some are astonishing

    esb: I was quite pleased with it!