Friday, November 30, 2012

My stalkers

Two fat ducks on a stick 
I buy quite a few bits and pieces from Amazon because it is easier – and usually cheaper – than buying locally.

The problem with this is that as soon as I search for something on Amazon I am forever bombarded with advertisements for the products – or similar products – even if I buy the damned thing.

This little blighter – for example – has been following me for days. 

A weeks or so ago I was looking for some Apple widgets on Amazon and looked at this. Since then it has not given me a moment’s peace and goes with me everywhere.

I mean – if I buy some printer cartridges – which I did - what is the point of sending me emails about the very same printer cartridges – or putting advertisements on every web page I look at for the next six months about things I just bought.

Perhaps they think I have a printer cartridge fetish. Having just bought some I will suddenly decide I can’t live without being knee deep in them.

At least  my stalkers at the moment are a change from the hamburger that haunted me for about a year – and no I never did buy one.


  1. Sometimes I feel pretty pretty much ignored in Cyber World. Must be that "they" simply don't deem me worthy of even trying to sell me on something. I remember that Hamburger, though, and fondly: after you mentioned it here, suddenly it started lurking around my place, too. ;-)

  2. P.S.: Those mallards on a stick are a great pair! :-)

  3. If they were bright they would add a time delay for a typical period of slightly less than the amount of time it takes to consume a product, where the timing would vary on a product by product basis. Oh, my, did I just invent something eVil?!?!? I rarely forget where I buy things. That is wHy it infuriates me when my groc store suddenly and massively rearranges their store. Except chocolate syrup, which happens to be available on either 3 or 4 aisles, same eXact product.

    I found an interesting teleBision show on Netflix caLLed Breaking Bad. Very captivating.

  4. Merisi: How do you cover your tracks? The tufted duck has gone home for Christmas.

    fmcgmccllc: Aren't they a fine pair!

    esb: We have just bought the DVDs for Braking Bad - my son recommended it so it must be good.