Saturday, November 10, 2012

Had to share this

Merisi is back from the USA and sent me this.

I just had to share it.


  1. Maybe they are confused between Austria, Australia, and isn't there some break away former piece of the former CCCP that kinda zoundz like Australia? ... yes, Abkhazia. Of course Arizona is also available, its mainly hot and drrrrry.

  2. Actually, I think they're thinking of Afghanistan. I've heard it's fairly socially conservative there. Might be right up their alley.

  3. esb: They would not like Austria - there are no guns here either.

    Wanderlust: They may not treat women badly enough to satisfy Republicans.

  4. Good God. Australia sounds heaps better than it feels this person fed up with politics perpetually played at the hate level. That description seems a small miracle...

  5. Merricks: I think we can safely say that we are much better off then Americans as far as politics are concerned - even with Mr Rabbit.