Monday, December 3, 2012

The cats appreciate it enormously

Lights in the city

Cate came back from the USA on Friday but today has gone to Moscow – where it is snowing heavily.

This is her last trip for the year – barring as yet unforeseen FUBAR occasions which may emerge – as they do most years.

We had a few snow flakes here today – but they were barely discernible. Snow is often forecast for Vienna – but rarely arrives in our part of town.

Cold weather has finally arrived in Vienna so we had our first fire of winter last night. We do this mainly for the cats who appreciate it enormously.

Billy Benz has gone to car  hospital today to have a wing mirror repaired.  I forgot to pull it in one day a few months ago when I was putting Billy into his impossibly small parking space – with predictable results.

The space is so narrow I am simply astonished that in four years I have not seriously damaged Billy.

Of course I did have six months  to practice with ‘The Queen Mary’ – the gigantic manual Volvo which we had when we first arrived. This was a very scary experience. 

This was even wider than Billy and I managed to give it quite a few scrapes. I still remember the very unhappy occasion when the man from the rental car company came to collect it and examined with horror the battered steaming wreck that I handed back to him.

After this – parking Billy was a doddle.


  1. New Christmas chandeliers in Vienna? Beautiful! I loved the old ones, but these are gorgeous too.

  2. Our weather is oddly predictable. The wind almost always blows from the southwest, and there is a 500 foot decline over the 50 mile stretch from Amarillo. So I think it causes adiabatic heating with elevation loss so we are typicaLLy a few degrees warmer than Amarillo and most of the panhandle of Texas, plus we have a large percentage days of sunshine. I need to turn this into a math research project.

    Cats like the word enormously, especiaLLy speLLed enormousely. Oh goLLy, I must now go to work ....

  3. We had to spend last Saturday inside with the aircon on... it was horribly hot and humid outside. So cooler weather would be welcome :-) but not the -3 and +3 that we see on our weather app!

  4. SK Waller: It is a sight to behold. Almost makes me think there must be a God.

    esb: Love adiabatic!

    Annie: It does not bother us - it is easy to rug up when we go outside.

  5. Of course, and you've got an especially warm hat, if I remember correctly...

  6. Annie: And it won't be long until it gets a run.