Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where did the ducks go?

Duck pond without water and ducks

Once again I have been slack in terms of both blogging and blog reading. It’s not that my life is particularly busy but I have had a bit on my mind lately - and  I also  decided that my blogs have been so bland of late that I would wait until I could write an interesting one.

The bad news is that this is not it.

But I thought I should say something.

We had decided that Cate should have a new iPad for her birthday and we were waiting for the iPad 3 – which was released on 23 March and is not called the iPad3 – it is called ‘the new iPad’.

Which means that the next one will probably be called ‘the newer iPad’.

In the interim Cate’s boss decided that his staff should have iPads – so Ducky Pharma is paying for them. Anyway – I ordered it from Apple in Austria and it arrived yesterday and I had fun setting it up.

I haven’t given Cate all the Apps that I have – such as my various incarnations of Angry Birds – because she does not have time for such frivolities.

It is remarkably like the iPad 2 but I will take their word for it that it is streets ahead in terms of display and battery life.

Anyway last week they emptied the duck pond. I am not sure who ‘they’ is mind you - but there was hardly a skerrick of water left in in and I discovered that the entire pond is made of concrete.

Most of the ducks had gone to other places - where I imagine there was water.

I guess this was spring cleaning because today the pond is full again and the water is remarkable clean – and all the ducks are back. Well I haven’t counted them but you know what I mean.


  1. It always surprises me how shallow these ponds are once the water is removed. We had one near the last place we lived, and when they emptied it, it was much shallower than I'd imagined.

    I wonder what happens to all of the other water life: frogs, fish, insects, etc.

  2. VVovv, an interesting piece of urban artificiality. I wonder if they had a duck roundup and temporary holding pen, or if the ducks just left and came back on their own. I am with SK Waller wondering what happened to the other aquatics.

    The most eXciting thing to happen to me today was failure in the online pizza ordering process. But it is straightened out now and coffee has also been consumed, so I am off soon to sell a pair of shoes, hopefuLLy.

    I hope Cate enjoys her iPad. I live with mine practicaLLy all day long.

  3. You caught a speeding bird n the upper left hand corner of your picture. Could be a Hooded Crow, methinks (well, guesses).

  4. The pond near my house is currently full of sewage.

  5. theres a newer I pad coming out mate- its a size in between the I-phone and the current I-pad and its both a phone and a pad. which makes it all very confusing. its called a Phablet- probably the sort of thing Moses would use to write the 10 commandments on and call god

    Ponds and things like that are usually put in place as water mitigation. I know in Melbourne Albert Park lake was built because it was a swamp.
    It would give me the shits to have a pond near my house full of sewage.

    You got rid of all your other blogs? I had a couple a few years back and I almost had an identity crisis!

    BTW I am down to the last few weeks of drinking warm beer having lost a bet with Jim last year.. I thought i would do until May.... (phew)

  6. SK Waller: Good question. There were lots of fish. Being Austria I think they would have collected them to put them back. I will check.

    esb: I think the ducks just left - there were still a few mooching about wondering where the water was.

    Merisi: Almost certainly a Hooded Crow.

    Smedette: I am guessing it is nt a popular duck spot.

    Simon: Yes I can barely handle one blog so got rid of the others which were not in use. I remember the bet with Maalie - it will be nice for you to drink cold beer again.

  7. yes mate- warm VB is horrid