Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh Goody! Another shopping opportunity

So this week we go to London on Thursday and then to Oxford on Saturday morning so that Cate can attend a conference.

So we only have one day in London on the way to Oxford and there are no prizes for guessing what we will be doing on that day.

Correct – shopping.

More to the point – Cate will be shopping and I will  be carrying the bags for her and generally whining pitifully for coffee.

Most shops theses days have seats for spouses so I can try to tuck myself out of the way and play with my iPhone.

These ‘sad bastards’ seats are usually placed conspicuously so that the wives can keep an eye on their miserable spouses who sit there waiting for deliverance from the torture.

On Saturday we spent sometime in an underwear shop in Vienna while Cate shopped and they had no spouse seat so I had to park myself on the steps going in the women’s underwear section and tell everyone ‘Ich warte for meine Frau’  so that they did not call the police. (There was no chair in the men’s section either.)

We are going to Oxford by train on Saturday morning and then I will have a day and a half to mooch about while Cate attends the conference.

Then she gets picked up by a car at 6:30 AM on Monday morning to take her to Heathrow so she can get a flight to Moscow. I just don’t know how she does it.

I am taking a leisurely train back to London and will have the next two days there on my own so that I can mooch about and take some photos. 


  1. My latest app for my iPad is a Freecell game. I also put it on my wife's iPhone.

  2. Big Daddy's nickname is Mr. Tote and Carry, or if I am sniffing something exciting around the corner, Mr. Pay, tote and carry and meet me at the next cash register.

  3. Sad Bastards seat... That's hilarious!

    I'd just say, "I'll meet you at the door in ___ minutes" then head for the nearest pub. In fact, I've done that on several occasions. Made the day much more fun for me.

  4. ah yes- "the drag you along for the shopping experience"... I have a cure for that- its called the "help me change the oil in the car on a wet day..."

    I went to Cambridge in 2010- fascinating, and they won the rowing against Oxford that year too. I fell asleep in the park! got a haircut there from a guy who just would not shut up...and drank cups n cups of coffee..

  5. Oxford is lovely. I don't know if you've been before but you should find enough to keep you interested for a day.

  6. esb: I don't put too many apps on cate's iPhone. I need her to focus on earning money.

    fmcgmccllc; That is the lot of all us men.

    SK Waller: I could try that but Cate just can't let me out of her sight.

    Simon: No chance of me getting a haircut in Oxford - not enough hair. I could try that oil change thingy but it would not work.

    KP: Only to Cambridge so I am looking forward to it.

  7. So difficult sitting on the stairs in front of the underwear department. I hope you did not have to interrupt your play on the Iphone too much, in the attempt to point out that you were not some pervert hanging about....

  8. You could pretend to be a shoe shine boy. Get one of those around the neck trays and you are in business.

  9. Hmmm.

    If the Freecell app is like the pc version, it's totally addictive. I curse my friend Caroline who introduced me to it and showed me how to play.

    iPhone outside women's underwear dept sounds an alert with me! Don't they know there are cameras in iPhones?

    Enjoy Oxford. I only spent part of a day there. Plenty to browse on.

  10. Just stumbled across your blog. I'll have a lot of fun reading through it as it looks like you've been to some amazing places. Right now I'm in the "Family Travel" mode but look forward to one day when it can be just me and my wife.

  11. Merricks: I just kept telling them I was waiting for my wife!

    Merisi: Better still - stay home

    Annie: I must look at free cell. I was careful not to point my camera at anyone.

    Family Travellers: Happy traveling!