Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It sure was Ritzy

My apologies for the paucity of blogs while we have been gallivanting about in London and Oxford.

Well the Ritz was fabulous. We were however – as guests – entirely inadequate and did not measure up to the high standards of the hotel. 

The problem was that we had not thought about it too much and I did not take a coat or a tie – or proper shoes.

I had only my Campers which are entirely adequate for street wear but just do not butter any parsnips at the Ritz.

OK so they indulged us to a point and allowed us to stay in the hotel and walk through the public areas. They even allowed us to have a drink in the Tivoli bar one evening.

Of course sir had to borrow a coat from the establishment (too small I looked like a penguin) and the waiter told sir that he would not normally be allowed in unless he was wearing ‘classic’  shoes but that he (the waiter) would pretend – on this one occasion only – not to notice.

I am afraid that dinner at the Ritz was out of the question. My question to the concierge as to whether I could get into the dining room - dressed as I was – in my best clothes - elicited the response

‘Not tonight Josephine’

Which was a bit strange but answered my question.

This was a pity and we really should have thought about the dress standards at places like the Ritz and the Savoy – where I used to stay often.

Perhaps it is anachronistic – but I do not have a problem with it.  It was a delightful experience and if we ever get the opportunity we will do it again.

And – importantly – for my choice of hotels I got 5 stars from Cate. This is the maximum available – and my highest score ever. 


  1. Congratulations! :-)

    May I guess that the "Not tonight, Josephine!" waiter's name was Napoleon?

  2. They are a little tOO snoBBy, food is food, money is money, your shoes are probably hiDDen under the table during the entire meal by an elegant tablecloth. I find that my shoes rarely get involved in my eating process, perhaps I have been doing it wrong? There have most likely bEEn a few times when my toes have bEEn protected from chicken that has faLLen off my fork and headed toward my toes and terminal velocity, only to have its devious plans spoiled by protective shoes.

    Thanks for the note about the roofer with the dog that goes with his owner on the thatching jobs. Tamie thought it was pretty cool. I am not sure what Cooper would think about being that high. I did teach him to climb up an old clothesline pole with his front paws to get a piece of cheese. I will have to see about getting my video footage online. It was on MySpace, but I don't think it is available after one of their "upgrades".

  3. I rather like a dress code for certain types of dining. It makes it feel special. I can always eat more casually someplace else, if I want to. In this world where people wear blue jeans to the opera, I like that some traditions are upheld.

    The real question is, did you spend much time on the Sad Bastard bench?

  4. Goodness,it has been some time since I have known of a gentleman to avail himself of the "courtesy jackets". I do like dressing for dinner.

    What in the world is "Campers" and the "Sad Bastards Bench"?

    I hope your trip brought us a great group of pictures and little nuggets of travel fun.

  5. Oh, I just noticed that today is Anzac Day .....

  6. you story reminds me of being at the Ritz in Paris in 2004. I was meeting a friend, and I was dressed in attire suitable for travel-i.e. walking boots, travel pants and a waterproof. More suited for crossing the moors in Shetland.

    I strolled boldly towards the dining room, only to have 1/2 doz employees of the Ritz chase me down.

    It was not until my friend intervened, (being quite famous), that they allowed me in..I must say to the glares and stares of the patrons. Of course I did feel quite rebellious, as other patrons recognized my friend! lol

    I recall the cost of lunch was huge and the standard "average" frankly.

  7. Thanks for making me smile as I read your account of your stay at the Ritz. Definitely not a place Al and I would fit in as we don't have any suitable attire to wear there - and, after paying to stay there we probably wouldn't be able to afford to buy clothes to eat there !!!!

    Love that you got 5 stars for your choice of hotel !!! Good work !

    Have a great day today wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

  8. Congratulations on receiving five stars! I do enjoy reading about your fabulous life.

  9. I'm sure your 5 stars from Cate was much more appreciated than just being tolerated at the Ritz. 'Putting on the Ritz' still has meaning somewhere in the world. I'm glad you did so well.

  10. Merisi: Did not look much like him but you never know.

    esb: When you are the Ritz you can be as snobby as you like!

    SK Waller: I agree. I have no problems with dress codes. See next blog about the SB bench.

    fmcgmccllc: Campers are shoes. See next blog for the SB bench.

    esb: It is indeed but Cate was away so we missed the ceremony at the Australian embassy.

    simon: I you don';t go there for the quality of there food. It is for the experience.

    Me: 5 stars from cate was very special.

    Smedette: Thanks. It will be hard to beat that.

    Sandy: Thanks. It was a delightful experience.