Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What more incentive could they want?

A new plant

Well so much for sentimentality. I hung on to my crispy plants for as long as possible but finally accepted that they were well and truly dead.

How Sissi treated the old plants
So on Friday I girded my loins and went to Dehner to look for replacements. I settled on two tough looking Buchsbaum (Boxwood) plants that look like they can stay the course.

We have had these before and they were monstered by Sissi when she was tiny but she has lost interest in plants now and is more focussed on destroying the rest of the apartment. 

What I would normally do is empty the pots and start again but this is tedious beyond belief so I just tore the old crispy plants out and put the new ones in there.

I have told them that everything else in these pots so far has died and that – while I will do my best to nurture them – they are basically on their own.

What more incentive could they want?


  1. A bit of fertilizer and some water. When I use old dirt I must remember to add extra fertilizer as the dirt is worn out of nutrients. And some company now and again. Plants like to be appreciated.

  2. mate! I just cleaned out the vegie patch loads of crisp (read water logged and truly dead).

    I am not sure why we try to grow veg... when you grow it , its in season anyway and cheap....

    I have miles of hedges too, and I got that job of trimming done too!

  3. i have deepest sympathy.. every spring we confidentaly drive to dehner for plant shopping..... a few month later i ask holger to PLEASE take the dead things to the green waste as dead plants on the balcony depress me... and then i buy new ones..... it's a sad story really, but i like the look of green and flowers.... i'm just clearly incompetent in that area.

  4. Boxwoods are hardy - I have faith in you!

    And that photo of Sissi is adorable.

  5. fmcgmccllc: Yes I will give them lots of fertilizer - and will talk to them every day - and even sit with them if it helps.

    simon: you are a wonder. Where do you get the energy.

    Merisi: Thanks - all my own work.

    Rozalin: It is inbuilt - we cannot help ourselves. Very few people can keep plants alive.

    Smedette: Ta. She was smaller (and worse behaved) then.

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