Monday, March 12, 2012

The way we dance

When we were in Amsterdam last year we wandered into a shop called Smellik and Stokking. It was full of wonderful sculpture by a number of Dutch artists.

A piece that captivated us was a sculpture by Leon Veerman. It is called ‘the way we dance’. I took a picture of it at the time because we thought it was so special.

It is two Penguins dancing and you can spin them around on their feet so that they assume different poses.

Well we just dearly wanted it but it was much too expensive at the time so I have spent the last six months making savings from the housekeeping and we were finally able to buy it.

It is a delightful piece of work that makes us smile when we look at it.


  1. They are gorgeous. Glad you found the money.

  2. Yes, they made me smile, too. I am glad you found something so whimsical and fun made by someone in my home country.

    (Wasn't this during a bicycling trip in horrible weather? So something good did come from that ;)

  3. Delightful, and how sweet of you to find a way.

  4. I absolutely love it!

  5. and having to save for it will help you appreciate it all the more - wonderful

  6. Merricks: It was a struggle but we did it.

    esb: Pure happenstance

    Miss Footloose: The bike trip was actually wonderful. This was a bonus.

    fmcgmccllc: And sweet of you to comment

    smedette: I knew you would. It is just so you.

    Glen; So true. Like your new shoes.

    Freefalling: I am pleased about that. They are so special to us.

  7. They are so cute !!!! Glad you managed to save the money from wherever to get them.
    Enjoy looking at them and remembering how you got them.

  8. Me: Yes it will be a nice memory to have.