Monday, March 5, 2012

Give or take 100 million years

Photo by Merisi 

So last time I was in Australia I asked my older brother if he still read my blog. He said ‘not so much anymore’. 

And I know why – because he is a Christian and I used to bang on about my being an Atheist and I also used to rant about politics. I also used to use bad language but rarely say fuck anymore unless it is absolutely necessary – to make a point.

But there is simply no purpose. If I talk about religion or politics it simply makes people edgy and – in the overall scheme of things – it doesn’t matter what you believe or who gets elected. 

Planet Earth is going to hell in a hand basket and we will soon all have the opportunity to meet our maker – or not - as the case may be.

But I am sick of people telling me when the world is going to end. Apparently it is scheduled by some people for 2012 – (shit that’s this year!).

But I know precisely when the world is supposed to end. In about a billion years when our sun starts to turn into a red dwarf. I know that’s not really precise but give or take 100 million years and you would be about spot on.

That’s when it would have ended if we had not comprehensibly fucked it over during the last few hundred years – and continue to do so at an exponential rate.

I’d give it another 200 years – max. I think at the current rate of destruction that’s the best we can hope for before the planet becomes uninhabitable. 

You can lop 20 years off this if the next US President is Rick Santorum.

I had my regular heart check-up last week.  I have some damage from high blood pressure a few years ago so have to keep a watch on it.

Anyway – I had a complete going over and a stress test and passed with flying colours. I am in no worse shape than I was in 2009 when I had my last test.

Even so I think it unlikely that I will be here for the end of life as we know it.

Thank God for that.


  1. I am old enough to remember when the earth's population was I thought several billion less than the current seven. At about the time it hit seven billion there was a UN report saying something like a billion people were starving. So some logic started rolling around in my head and leaked out of my mouth at a restaurant with a close relative. I said, "well, that sounds like a billion people that shouldn't have been born". Later I received a long email where the close relative wanted to disown me -forever-. And I thought, say, doesn't this person understand the math, he is an engineer? There are only so many resources and the earth isn't designed for this many people. And then when I tried to eXplain my situation to my best friend, she got upset with me as well. I was thinking, I know that both of these college educated people have taken some biology classes. So anyway, all I can do is try to leave as small of a negative impact as possible. I build a glacier when I can, I recycle, I try to buy better, buy less. In the ultimate recycle I have asked that my ashes be dumped on the ground near the defunct hospital where I was born, so I can slowly turn into a rock(s) in western South Dakota.

  2. I remember getting coffee like that in Austria with the doily and the water, love it. Don't worry about Rick, no one is going to vote for him for the prez, he is too crazy. I think if he was actually the candidate, which I very much doubt, a lot of people simply would not vote, including me. I am so tired of people who think social mores can be legislated, stay out of people's lives and work on . . whoops ranting on your blog, sorry.

  3. @ badger: your blog just showes parts of the reasons why we deceided that we prefer cats over kids.... sorry, but i personally could not justify putting yet another generation into this world.

    @esbboston: sad that people react they way they did for you speaking out the truth. one of the (many) reasons why i have a problem with christianity is because the priests go to countries where people are starving or dying of AIDS, and telling the people for whom faith is the only hope that contraception is a sin....

    This song, says everything I think about religion in a nutshell....

  4. esb: Do the best you can. It will not make any difference now but keep up the good work. I will keep recycling my bottles.

    fmcgmccllc: Ranting is allowed.

    Rozalin: Yes cats are better - and take up no space at all - except on the bed.

  5. If "President Santorum" (shudder) ever comes to fruition, I think you can count on the US destroying itself within a few weeks. Maybe even that afternoon.

    That picture makes me miss Europe. Please say you'll adopt me if President Obama is not reelected.