Friday, July 29, 2011

Molly is going to whip my words into shape

Now I need you to pay attention because we have to deal with some housekeeping issues.
We are leaving tonight for Australia and it is possible that the blog will go silent for short periods – or long periods. While it is always my intention to blog I can get distracted quite easily because when I am travelling I have the attention span of a red ant and get sidetracked by food, coffee, wine or almost anything at all.

My daughter Molly – who lives in Paris – has taken on the task of editing my blog. When I was printing my blog I was horrified to discover – in passing – the number of typographical and grammatical errors that were present. Anyone who writes knows how easy it is to miss these when you proofread – no matter how many times you proofread the same piece of work.

Molly is a legal editor so is going to whip my words into shape. She is also unhappy that I am using American spelling – because I am Australian – so we are going to revert to real English.

Now if there is anyone out there who thinks they have been de-friended by me on Facebook – well you have. I de-friended everyone and de-activated my account after a spammer got me and I saw that Facebook was just getting deeper and deeper into the private lives of everyone on the planet.

However, I discovered that there are things you just cannot do unless you actually have a Facebook account so I have had to re-activate my account - but I am not going to have any friends and am not going to use it unless I need to do something online.

OK that’s it. In about five hours we will be sitting in business class on Emirates sipping French champagne prior to hopping into our pyjamas and sleeping in flat beds. I will think about you often – or perhaps not at all.

I will particularly think of esbboston who must simply be the busiest man on the planet. I wonder if he knows anything about plumbing. We have the occasional problem here.

Oh - I forgot to mention that in Stockholm there are an astonishing number of hotties – all of whom are tall and blonde. Now while I personally was not allowed to take any pictures of them – Cate took a picture of one so that I could use it as a sample for the blog. Cate sat in bars and drank champagne and I was allowed to look at them for research purposes.


  1. " many how many times you proof read the same piece of work..."

    Strike first many, replace with matter. Also, do you mean to keep changing the font size in your posts? If not, would you like me to fix that while you're gone? And I'm glad you're going to use proper English spelling!

    Have a great time. Sounds like fun! Drink far too much champagne and sleep embarrassingly late!

  2. I fixed that one Steph! At first I thought it may have been for comic effect, but apparently not.

  3. Steph: The font size is really supposed to be same every day - and I do try - can you fix it please? I will do my best.

    Merlin: It would help if I learned to type.

  4. @Merlin: I thought it might be the same, but oh well X^D))

    @Badger: Yes, I will.

  5. If I promise to learn real English, will you adopt me when my country goes broke next week?

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Australia.

  6. Why yes, I had to learn how to become a plumber during the very cold spell we had this last winter.

    I totally cracked up laughing at your suggestion that I might be the busiest man on the planet, because I became totally eXhausted and near heat stroked earlier today after helping install a third HVAC condenser unit in less than 24 hours, actually thinkthinkthink, [20.5 to 14], 18.5 hours. That included 2 grilled chicken sandwiches and maybe 4 hours sleep. No, when I read your blog piece I was at a very still moment nearly napping on the couch, but Cooper my dog slept through my laughter, beside me on the floor.

    Have I ever mentioned that I sell shoes as well? I handle the Vibram FiveFingers in our retail store, as well as the novelty sign "Beware Of Wife", so yes, I might possibly be the busiest man on earth. But I may be moving. Just a few minutes ago I had just posted an update in Facebook mentioning that I was thinking about moving to "2010 TK7", a Trojan astetoid that shares Earth's orbit.

  7. Very good of Cate to act as research assistant.

  8. I used to get a lot of crap from the union guys at the plants because I drove a SAAB convertible (SP). I always told them the cars were built by tall Swedish blonde women and just what was their problem.

    Can't wait for the real English as I need to learn a new language. Is it as hard as Canadian?

  9. Is one allowed to snore in business or first class? I daresay I'll never know.... Enjoy your holiday

  10. I got rid of my facebook account 12 months ago. Sadly I can still log into it which annoys me no end. I asked them to delete it.

  11. smedette: Too late!

    esbboston: That 2010 TK7 might be the place to be for the next few years until the Tea Party has finished destroying the planet.

    Merricks: She is a wonder!

    fmcgmcclic: Almost as easier as Canadian - much easier than Quebecois.

    Sandy: One can do almost anything in there.

    Simon: Apparently it is possible to delete the fecking thing - I have not learned how to do it.

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