Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Un update on Cate's progress

I thought I should bring you up to date on what Cate has not done recently. As you know – she decided not to learn the Piano so we bought one of these and this has been a great success.

She did open it one day and discovered to her horror that they have not progressed from when she was a small girl. All the keys are still white and black and have no markings on them at all.

But this is impossible – she gasped – how can anybody make coherent sounds with something like this. Don’t they do a QWERTY keyboard yet?

I said that no they didn’t and that there were no plans to do so and that much practice would be required. I said that I could mark the keyboard up with post-it notes or a crayon to get her started but she lost interest almost immediately.

To make her feel not quite so bad – as the Piano sits next to her in her study and makes her feel a teensy bit guilty – I have taken the tag off the stool so it does not look quite so new an unused.

Mrs. Moneypenny dusts it every week but it still looks sort of – you know – unused. I am thinking of hiring some small children to come in and play it (while I am not here) so that it will look aged and make Cate feel better.

But really – she is so busy that I cannot imagine how she would have the time to sit and practice the piano. I think she will have to start on something more simple – like Angry Birds. She now has a work iPhone with all these Apps!

Now she also decided not to do Yoga and this has also been very successful. The Yoga mat was purchased and has not been unwrapped – which is just as it should be.

I have helped her with this because of my ribs which are still in a delicate state but will mend if I do not do anything else stupid – which is asking a lot from me - but I will do my best.

But – bless her soul – she has been walking to work and back again for months. A promise she made to herself and has kept.

Now I have figured out a way she can learn to play the Piano while walking to work - and keep herself fit at the same time. And if she became proficient and spent 15 minutes on the corner of Ungargasse and the Rennweg she could earn enough for Yoga lessons. I have yet to speak to her about this fabulous idea. 


  1. Jim thought that you were going to say that Cate could teach her Yoga mat to fly and then she could fly to work while practising the Piano. And she wouldn't have to go on all those aeroplanes...

  2. Oh the things Cate loves not to do - she surely would enjoy them less if it were not for your leisure too!

    Picture of the Day:
    Let me guess: Salzburg, Mirabellgarten?

  3. 2 fellows I used to know threw the most fabulous parties having a piano playing gent come in and entertain on their never used piano. Everyone loved it. And we liked the fact that they kept the piano in their home just to amuse us on the rare occasion.

  4. If she walked across the Stephansplatz while playing, she could even make a little pocket change!

  5. I have recently decided not to walk on my treadmill. My fancy new walking shoes with perfect tread on the bottom can attest to the fact that I am keeping my promise to not exercise quite well. ;)

  6. At the end of an HVAC repair job yesterday I was able to sit down and play an old piano that sounded rather nice. Now that I am wandering around fixing air conditioners maybe I can start dealing in used pianos and tuning them in my "spare" time. I got my license from the state to be an AC Technician, it finally showed up in their online system yesterday. My mentor Eddie bought me a 44 oz iced tea to celebrate. It took a whole lot more than 44 oz of ice and water to keep me cool yesterday.

  7. @ esbboston:
    Congratulations! :-)
    A tubful of iced tea to celebrate!

  8. I have found my recliner is the perfect place not to use my treadmill however it was blocking my view of the TV so have had to move it downstairs. But now, thanks to you, I realise I can walk down there to check on it occasionally and still get some benefit. Maybe tomorrow. I hope Cate likes your idea but I think maybe she won't???

  9. @Merisi, thanks, I just got my card in the mail today for my EPA 806 Certification for Type I (the easiest level of three), and it is still fun, and I enjoy helping people. I am learning to stay hydrated, and in the rare moments of shade as long as possible. A shower of tea sounds great.

  10. omg! Fair peed myself with that one Badger!! You certainly have a way with the satire!
    Does Cate ever read these posts of yours, I'm often left wondering!
    Have just found my sister's comment which made this post all the funnier!!! Will have to email her and thank her for the laugh. Thanks for yours too! :))

  11. Sorry, wrong number, 806 is my area code, ha, the EPA cert number is 608, & there is also a 609 for automobiles.