Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sissi can keep her mother alive until I get back

So a couple of days later the steam iron stopped steaming. I waved the instruction manual in front of it and told it that a steam iron that does not steam is pointless - but it sat there sullenly and steamlessly and has been relegated to the ‘almost dead’ iron cupboard. This is where I keep the irons that still function - after a fashion - and can be used in emergencies.

I am thinking that perhaps the best course of action may be to get esbboston  here on a short term assignment so that he can monitor the situation. He can stay in the guest room and continue his studies from there. He seems to be remarkably good at all this sort of stuff and he can keep an eye on the air con going into winter.

We leave for Australia on Friday and I am hoping we can get out of here before any other things start popping and fizzing and blowing smoke.

I am concerned for the welfare of Cate and the cats because she gets back a week before I do as I am going on a brief driving holiday in Victoria with my two ancient brothers and then spending some time with my children.  

Cate has not had to look after herself and the cats before for more than a day or two. Cate is not renowned for her cat nurturing and housekeeping skills and indeed has very little time to do this because of her very busy job.

Now I know she can live on toast and Vegemite but for the cats it is an entirely different matter – I know for sure that they do not like toast or Vegemite -  and then there is the kitty litter.

I don’t think there is an Austrian equivalent of ‘Meals on Wheels’ and in any event Cate would not be eligible. I can’t ask Mrs. Moneypenny to call daily as she is also on holidays so we have a significant problem.

The fallback position is that I know Sissi can open the cupboard where the spare supplies of cat food are kept and can also tear open the packets of dry food. This will keep her and her mother alive – and they can lick the moisture out of the bottom of the shower recess – or suck Cate’s towel. And it may rain - they can get on to the terrace. 

In terms of the kitty litter they will have to tough it out. If it gets too crowded in there they can use Cate’s bath mat – it is nice and woolly.

I have changed the blog settings so that anyone can comment. I did not realise I could do this until people told me.


  1. good luck, cate and the cats (could that be a band?)

  2. When Punkin Head instructed me on the cat litter routine I decided to just put the whole damn mess in a plastic bag at the curb over every day with a new litter box and litter stuff. Worked for me. Big Daddy cooked all my meals and put them in the freezer. Yes, I am spoiled.

  3. Whenever The Husband is going to be alone, I make a bunch of meals and then freeze them with reheating instructions. Thankfully he knows what to do with the cats and the dog.

    (We've been talking about going to Australia for years now and are starting to get serious about it. When things come together I will be seeking your advice.)

  4. mate- will you have time for a few beers?

  5. Maybe you should tell your cats about Pavlov: Repeated presentation of food is not necessary. At least that is what my squishy brain remembers about him. ;.)

    On the other hand, since you have conditioned those poor cats to expect food at certain times of the day, you could buy any of the following (source:,uk):

    Clockwork Pet Feeder
    Meal Automatic Pet Feeder (bowl with voice recorde!)

    Water Dispenser 1.5l

    90 Meal / Day Automatic Pet Feeder (again, bowl with Voice)

    Zevro Single Indispensable Pet Food and Treat Dispenser (Silve! - Only 1 left in stock - order soon!)

    Cat Mate Automatic Pet Feeder

    Who'd have thunk?

    Maybe there's a Cate Feeder too, somewhere!

    (Thank you for changing the blog setting so that I can comment!)

  6. @ Simon:
    A few beers?
    You are one runcible fellow!

  7. There is meals on wheels, it's calles rozalin's office services ;) I'll feed her at least while she is at the office.
    As far as Monika & Sissi go, I can't be of much help.. even I don't go anywhere near litter box, THAT is holgers job ;)

    maybe you should get a litter locker:
    amazing stuff .... no smell!

  8. I hope Cate and the cats survive your absence. Have a great time in Oz.

  9. TNDW: They will be just fine. If she does not feed them them they will claw her to death.

    fmcgmcclic: I have tried cooking meals for Cate - she ignores them and has toast.

    Smedette: See above - she just east toast and Vegemite. We are experts on Australian travel - cate has been everywhere.

    Simon: Absolutely

    Anyone: The cats will remind Cate when they need to be fed - and will bite her if they are not.

    Merisi: He is indeed runcible is he not!

    Rozalin: I will CERTAINLY get a litter locker as soon as I get back.

    Merricks: I guarantee they will survive - and thanks

  10. Did I mention that I can cook as well?

    So if I go from the US to Austria while you go from Austria to Australia that will coincide with just about the time my son goes from Australia back home to the US. Small world.

    I got test number 4 finished, so 15 more to go and I get my HVAC diploma. I may start on an electrician program after that. I think I get an acetylene torch in about a week, mmmm, new toys!