Sunday, February 20, 2011

The traveller returns - briefly

German Cemetery Langemark, Belgium

Due to impeccable planning we were able to achieve all of our objectives during our week away. We covered an enormous amount of territory and travelled nearly 4,000 kilometers.

We saw more cathedrals than I had planned to – but then for me one cathedral is one too many in France because they all look exactly the same to me.  I did however see Le Mont Saint Michel which is quite a pile although to reach the actual insides of the cathedral you have to fight your way through some of other most spottily awful shops I have ever seen – but still – that is the way of the world these days.

We saw enormous numbers of graves and memorials. I visited my first German cemetery – there are not many of them around in France for obvious reasons so we took the trouble to find this one in Belgium and it was really worth the trip.

I mean it was not the average German soldier’s fault that some lunatic politician sent him off to be blown to pieces by the French and British cannons – and the German generals proved to be at least as crazy as their counterparts on the other side.

French does not improve with non use and I managed to mangle beyond redemption any number of conversations. It also does not help much if you throw in Germans words and phrases.

Cate praised my choice of hotels on two occasion so I think she might be taking Ecstasy. I will keep a close eye on her. 


  1. Great to have you back! She's on X, but you're not sure? Send it to me. I'll test it for you.

  2. I never really thought about German soldiers' graves before.
    You sent me on a cyber journey.
    It was interesting to read some 628000 German war dead from WWII have been reinterred since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Did you know we have some in Australia?
    From WWII
    I'm sure you did, but I didn't.
    11 of them.
    I wonder how they died.
    Maybe they were injured when they got here.
    Although - 2 died in Dec 1946 - I thought they would have been home by then.

  3. you mean you chose the hotel and there was NOTHING wrong with it? Are her pupils dilated?

  4. Glad you had a successful trip Badger. See you mid-March.

  5. SK Waller: It's OK she is back to normal. It was a passing phase.

    freefalling: Actually I thought there were probably more than that.

    Glen: It was the French red.

    Maalie: Cheers;