Thursday, October 21, 2010

Schnitzel tops food poll (?)

Shadows - Millenium Bridge London

I have decided to rejoin Facebook. 

I left a year or so ago because I was just getting too many updates and messages – and stuff.

But I figure if a Hamburger can track me all over the planet then Facebook can as well - so I may as well roll over and take it. I cannot – however - imagine any circumstances under which I will become a Tweeter.

The Austrian Independent has reported that the Wiener Schnitzel is the favorite food of Austrians. The report says:

“A survey by gastronomy website– in which more than 26,000 people participated – found Wiener Schnitzel to be the people's favourite choice followed by Cordon Bleu and fried chicken.

Fritatten soup, traditionally served with liver dumplings, is Austrians’ most popular soup. Leberknödelsuppe (liver dumpling soup), another traditional soup, came in second ahead of Grießnockerlsuppe, a typical Austrian soup with semolina dumplings.

Kaiserschmarren, a sweet Austrian dish of sugared pancakes, is Austrians’ top dessert, according to the online poll, coming in just ahead of apple strudel and tiramisu"

None of this is surprising to anyone who lives here. What is surprising is that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said recently '57 per cent of Austrian men and 43 per cent of Austrian women were overweight’.

This is not apparent when you are out and about. You see very few really fat people and not all that many who are even plumpish. But I am not sure what the OECD definition of ‘overweight’ is and perhaps it’s a bit more stringent in Europe than the standard we use in the USA and Australia.

It is nothing like the USA or Australia where gigantic bulging creatures waddle the streets and shopping malls looking for the next feed of hamburgers and fries.

On Friday we are off to Schladming, which is a really special hiking spot in Styria. It is actually famous for skiing but the season has not started yet – although it is snowing there at the moment so we will be able to test our Ugg boots.

Last time we were there we hiked some ‘easy’ trails and damn near killed ourselves. The Austrians have a different concept of ‘easy’ but there is nothing less difficult we can do – other than walking on the main road, so we will have to do some more mountain climbing.

It is brilliant once you get to the tops of the climbs – but the way up is really tough. It is made tougher by super fit Austrian hikers bounding past us as we grunt and strain up the slopes. Last year we were passed by ancient men and women and even mothers carrying infants – that is really depressing.

Cate had to go to Istanbul today but just for the day. When we get back from Schladming she is going to Indonesia and Australia (to see her ancient mother who has just had an operation). 

The cats and I are planning a massive knees up and will announce details on Facebook. 


  1. Maybe you can organise a worldwide party? Provided it happens at a good time for all of us...

    BTW I like the photo.

  2. I wonder where Sachertorte comes in the list :-)