Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Angry birds and the evil thieving pigs

Cate was in Cairo last week and got back on Thursday. On Saturday she went to Jakarta.
Naturally when she is away the cats and I busy ourselves with household chores, shopping, washing, cleaning, dusting etc. 
(Actually I don't do any cleaning because that would be depriving Mrs Moneypenny of her employment - but I think about it).
But when that is done we play and one of my current ways of doing this is to investigate the coolest Apps for my iPhone and iPad.
One of these is Angry Birds.
The idea is that these evil pigs have stolen the bird’s eggs and made them very unhappy. And rightly so – if someone stole your eggs you would be pissed off too!
The player has to fire the birds out of a slingshot at the pig’s houses and knock the houses down and kill the evil pigs. (Who sit there smugly with their stolen eggs - grinning at the birds. GRINNING!)
There is a high rate of attrition because whenever you fire a bird at the pigs the bird dies (by exploding).
If you are lucky the pigs die as well and you can move on to kill more evil pigs. It’s very satisfying - and much better that it sounds - and totally addictive.
I hate those evil thieving bastard grinning pigs!
I am up to level 3 (out of about a zillion) so have some way to go.
It is alarmingly addictive.


  1. Those birds should be caught and ringed!

  2. Well if that's not a reason for me to get an iPhone, I don't know what is.

  3. What has the world come to: Pig (!!!) stealing birds' eggs (!!!!).
    Don't those birds build their nests in trees anymore?
    Where is the Big Bad Wolf who eats those tree-climbing pigs?

    Once upon a time there was a so-called Moorhuhn game. That game sounds so quaint nowadays, moorhuhns still flying, birds up in the trees, pigs in their pigsties. And the spastoral cenery all this was set up in, with cuckoos cuckooing and Beethoven's 6th playing (well, i made that last one up, but it would have fit perfectly!). All you needed to do was shoot those hens, no complicated plots, just pangpang. Who'd have thunk that my time to wax nostalgically would come so soon?

  4. (Oh well, last time I checked they still spelled "scenery" with "sc"! ;-)

  5. On another topic Phillip, did you ever get a reply to your email to Emirates about your wife's lost glasses?

  6. Maalie: You are just the man to do it.

    Glen: Unfortunately it is seriously addictive.

    Jessica: Just one of many good reasons.

    Merisi: The wolf is in the upgrade.

    viennesewaltz: Yes saying 'we have received your email'. Nothing else (I was not expecting anything).

  7. Too funny! You and Cate lead such interesting lives with all your travels. Are you secret agents, international spies, Amway salespeople?

  8. Marla: Hmmm..Cate is a sort of James Bondish type lawyer - traveling the world and fixing problems - (but does not have a license to kill). I am her housekeeper and cat minder.

  9. ...and pig killer. You forgot pig killer.