Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday David

The real Lenny - and Bandit in the back

It’s Lenny’s birthday on Tuesday. Lenny is actually my son David and he looks nothing like this picture. He does not have nearly as much fur and when I go to visit him he does not jump on me and piss on my legs.

This is good because he is coming to visit me in a few weeks and we are going to Normandy and to the Somme with Merlin (who is actually my Daughter Melissa).

Happy Birthday Lenny.

I have lots to tell you but my iMac arrived on Thursday and I am preoccupied with transferring all my mail and files from my PC to the iMac. At the current rate of progress this task should be completed just before the iMac’s warranty expires in three years.

We also on the weekend had to finish watching the latest series of 24 that we have on DVD. This was appalling – but really no worse that any other one of the earlier 6 series. This is a TV show that jumped the shark in the first series so we have not expected much – and have not been disappointed.

It’s the sort of show that – when you watch the last episode in the series you sigh and say – thank the Lord of the Christmas Beetles that is over – and there will not be another one for a year.

Now – in the last scenes of the last episode Jack is about to die from some bug that he picked up while farting around with terrorists. We should be so lucky.

But – sadly - the last minute arrival of his truly ghastly daughter Kim at his bedside will save the sucker and we can look forward to another excruciating ear, eye and brain gritting performance from Jack and the entire gruesome crew.

But the good news is that series 8 is the last. Hallelujah!

Why do we watch it? Why do people slow down to look at traffic accidents and cluster around injured people in the streets?

And it is addictive. Stupid, ridiculous, laughable, risible, fatuous and impossible – but addictive.


  1. Ok, so your dog has the same name as your son. Your daughter is sometimes called Merlin, you have a new computer and you like to watch annoying tv. Sounds like an interesting life! Have you watched The Wire? Mark & I are up to the last series, it's pretty intense but I've really enjoyed it. Have fun with your dog, sorry, son! x

  2. Rubbernecking DVDs!
    You threw me off my chair and I landed somewhere in Oz with a cup of tea in hand. Something along that line.

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  4. Happy Birthday to your son!

    Here is a link for you, in celebration of you joining the Machood:
    Appholes at The Daily Show

  5. I didn't watch any TV this weekend, too busy seeing the sights in Sydney. Jealous, I know.

  6. Happy Birthday to your son and MY adoptive brother. Yes. I remember. You said you would adopt me. Probably going to cash in on that soon.
    ...As soon as I finish watching the last season of LOST (what a life/time suck!) But, I love it and will be not be a productive member of society once it comes to its end this season.

  7. Yes we have Wire - Season 1 and we are about to launch! I have heard it is so good I have ordered the other 4 seasons.

    Weird business with the new iPhone. But if you let plonkers take it to bars you get what you asked for.

    I promise to adopt you Katie as soon as I clear it with Cate and ther cats.