Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I think I am officially old on Saturday

A small badger about 60 years ago in Deniliquin.

I received a sobering piece of mail yesterday from the City of Wien - in fact from what is basically the ‘Office for Seniors’. These cunning devils are on to the fact that I am officially ancient as from Saturday and would like me to sign up for their senior publications.

These will tell me where I can go to do fun things with other old people and how I can usefully spend the last few months of my life. If I follow the example of the lady on the cover of the magazine they advertise then I will be sitting in the garden with two cats on my lap.

This is not an encouraging start to the weekend and has been a bit de-motivating. But I remember when I turned 45 I was in the Cook Islands with Cate. I became a bit morose about reaching that particular milestone and single-handedly drank an entire bottle of Pineapple Liqueur. My relationship with Pineapples has been a bit dodgy ever since that date and a fresh Pineapple can still induce in me the desire to vomit.

And the next 20 years of my life have been the best 20 years of my life - so WTF!

And I certainly don’t feel 65. I still behave (and write) like a child and have more fun than is decent. So I am not at all worried about this particular event. And reaching this immense age has its advantages - like - well - I am not dead. This must be a good thing right!

And the good things is that I can now get seniors discounts wherever I go and this is important as I get a miserable allowance from Cate and am forced to steal money from the housekeeping.

I am really good at this as you can tell by the fact that I stole enough to buy an iMac with a Quad Core and 8GB of Ram.


  1. I'm 45 now. I had no idea I was supposed to be getting wasted on pineapple liqueur. Why didn't you tell me sooner? Hope 20 years from now I'll be saying the same about the last 20 years of my life. And who knows, perhaps 20 years from now you'll be saying the same again (the senile often repeat themselves...) :-)

  2. Oh. You are a bike rider from way back.
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Well, they say life begins at 40 but I reckon it's at 60!

    But don't forget that "boyish enthusiasm" is, by legal precedent, grounds for divorce (in England, at least).

    As a matter of fact I did try to act my age once. It was the worst five minutes of my life.

  4. I'll never forget how excited my mum was when she first used her senior discount card - she got a $4 discount off the entry fee to the masterpieces from paris exhibition last year in canberra.
    small things-small minds.
    we must be a bit more generous in Australia coz she's only 60.

    Now, can you please tell me what is it that made the last 20 years, the best - coz I'd like to get a little jump on it, so I'll be prepared for all the happiness that will come my way in a few years?

    Do you ever go back to Deniliquin?

  5. I'm hoping I will be able to steal enough from the housekeeping to buy a computer before i turn 65. I have nothing except an iPhone at the moment but my eye is on some sort of mac laptop.

  6. Thanks for all your kind (i think) comments.

    freefalling: meeting and being married to Cate is what made the last 20 years so special. I went back to Deni last year. It's smaller than it used to be - but nice.

    jam: It helps if you have partner who earns lots of money and does not know how to access the bank accounts online.