Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We now have padded bottoms

Cate is on her way to Cairo and I am really glad it’s not me. It’s hot enough here and I can just imagine what it will be like there. (38 I think).

The heat here does very strange things to dog poo. I will not elaborate but I have seen some very weird sights on really hot days. I am waiting to find one that really looks like the Bill O’Reilly (many of them come close) because I will bake it and put it on eBay and make some real money.

I went for two cycle rides yesterday and got too much sun which made me a bit wobbly and I woke up with a migraine. However, I am sure it is doing me good so will struggle on.

There are still many hardy souls out there even in the blazing sun. Walking, jogging, roller blading and cycling. Cycling is the easiest of all these and I have not been tempted to rummage through the basement to find my Roces roller blades.

We bought some real bicycle shorts (ones with padded bottoms) and Cate likes these a lot. I find that mine are a bit hot and probably won’t wear them much in summer. I have a significant amount of padding on my stomach – and none on my bum – but it doesn’t bother me much.

Having tested the Financial Times for some months and after discovering that is really is one of the most boring newspapers on the planet (as well as being very expensive) I have cancelled it and have resubscribed to the International Herald Tribune.

This is the international edition of the New York Times which is my kind of paper and I am looking forward to having it again. They are comfortably left wing and so reinforce my view of the world.

Moni is adapting to the heat by moving as little as possible and spends and extraordinary amount of time lying in the remaining pot plant. Sissi of course can’t help herself and leaps and bounds around all over the place.

Muffin is still improving (albeit at glacial speed) and actually walked past Sissi yesterday without hissing at her (of course she may have been affected by the heat and been too knackered even to raise a hiss).

My next task (I still haven’t hemmed those damn pants) is to get the stuff ready for Cate’s tax return. I am not looking forward to this because there will be endless forms to fill in for the accountants. I will have to make some of the answers up and hate this.

FOX was having an (apparently serious) discussion today entitled ‘what would Jesus think of the Obama health care plan’.

Rastus Ketchup, Bishop of the Community Snake Wrangling Church of Flamboosie Kentucky thought that it was against the laws of God for the government to provide health care and that anyway under the proposed changes he would have died from cancer two years ago as he would not have been able to get treatment in time.

I had to leave the discussion before he got to the part about how President Obama barbecued and ate his (the Bishop’s) pet Chihuahua but will try to tune in later for some more.

FOX is usually the highlight of my day and I laugh a lot at these guys and girls who are have some really serious problems – and probably need help. I am comforted by the fact that (with the sole exception of me) they are watched only by those who agree with them so there is not too much damage. I only do 10 minutes each day otherwise my brain might go wobbly.

Straight after the Rapture FOX will be entirely deserted and I propose to buy it and turn it into a sandpit for Viennese dogs.


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  2. how are the knees holding up with all this bike riding? are you a chance of a start in next years tour?

  3. Im not going to lie, I enjoy mocking people who ride bikes!

  4. Knees are OK. Won't manage the Tour but will try for the Vuelta Espana.

    Mock away! I am mock-proof!