Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not a bad result for a handful of feathers

Well of course I didn’t actually sacrifice a duck. I threw some feathers in the air and made loud quacking noises.

This seems to have had some effect as I can now get SMS messages from my bank in Australia – so I can make payments and transfer money.

I don’t have full functionality and don’t appear to be able to receive all SMS messages – but it’s not a bad result for a handful of feathers.

Melissa and I did not go to Melk because of the inclement weather. I don’t want her to see the Wachau Valley in the rain as she will not get the full appreciation of all the marvellous wine things that happen there.

So we went to the Kunst Historiches Museum and saw our old favourites including the Hippo with the Jackhammer and the paintings with cherubs.

Notwithstanding the range and quality of paintings in the KHM – one of my very favourite pictures is "The feast of the bean king." by Jacob Jordaens. It is a beautiful picture with fabulous characters and – an essential ingredient to any top ranked painting – a cat.

(Importantly – it contains no Cherubs which were exceedingly popular at the time and are plastered all over a number of paintings at KHM).

Perhaps it reminds me of some of our more notable knees ups at places like Ein Wiener Salon (and Felix and Sven do have a dog that sleeps in the kitchen while Sven steps around it to cook).

Moni had to fast to prepare for her operation and it was impossible to isolate her - so I put all the food away and all the cats fasted together. This did not seem to make Muffin any unhappier than usual.
She is permanently grouchy – perhaps because Moni is perpetually doing her Paris Hilton impression and crawling around on her belly with her bum in the air – making trilling noises.

Muffin is growling at Moni and – in between trills – Moni is growling and hissing at Sissi. I will be very glad to get this thing done.

I just received my statement from the Roads and Traffic Authority in NSW. When we were in Sydney we had to use the Harbour Tunnel and there is no cash toll booth. So after the trip I had to ring the RTA, open an account and give them my details so that could charge our credit card. Which they duly did. $3.75 for the trip and $3.30 for the administration charge.

Vintage NSW Government.

Moni is now at the vet and Melissa and I are off to Melk.

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