Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eat quietly and leave no crumbs - Infidel!

Mt Rainier, Washington State

It is Ramadan but Cate is allowed to eat during the day provided she does it in private.

Apparently she and the other Infidels are locked in a separate room with a sandwich and a bottle of water and told to eat quietly lest they offend the faithful.

Needless to say she is looking forward to getting home.

So far today Sissi has not escaped. The man arrived very early this morning and put new glass (with holes) in the study windows. As soon as the glue dries I can install the air coolers. This will stop hot air from getting in and small cats from getting out.

Yesterday I was cycling again in the teeth of a howling gale but when I got home I checked the Internet to find that the wind was only 10 kph. I just don’t believe it.

I have ordered a bicycle speedometer so that I can see how far I travel. I think my usual trip is about 30 kilometers – with another 10 kilometers for the extended leg – but I really am not sure as – because I do not use normal roads – I cannot measure it precisely on Google maps.

On the theme that everything of note happens in Vienna I report that Danica Johnson (who says she lives here) – lost 47 Pounds (yes 47 – as much as Kylie Minogue weighs wringing wet) by following a regime which included some completely useless detox products invented by charlatans as a way of sucking money out of the ever gullible public.

You can read Danica's fascinating story at Danica's Story

Can you imaging how much weight she would have lost if the products were efficacious!

Without wishing to put too much of a dampener on your new found enthusiasm for these products – before ringing with your credit card number you should read this link

You may have noticed how sceptical I am about so many things these days. It’s just that the older I get the more I learn and the more I learn the more I realise that I have been gulled by many people many times over many years. Well this is it – you are just not going to have Dick to kick around anymore (where have I heard that before?)

On Austrian TV they advertise something called the Abtronic which is an electronic device which you strap to your stomach and it takes weight off, tones your muscles, cures gout and trims nose hair.

You don’t believe me do you? Hmmm…..neither do many others.

Look here

The only thing surprising about this is if that Austrians still allow this stuff to be sold to the punters. But – any country that encourages young people to smoke - and cyclists and skiers not to wear helmets - really doesn’t give a toss.


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  2. Poor Cate - eating in hiding and not drinking at all. Hope you have something really special planned for when she gets back.

    Not sure that freedom is really about easier ways to kill yourself and, in the case of smoking, others!

  3. I've long been a fan of Sense about Science and try to dispel some of the umptillion health myths that pervade the mainstream in my articles I write for the staff magazine. Sad thing is - more myths and mumbo-jumbo keep coming!! You may also like to read info on the website - another fav.

    I absolutely love the title to this post, BTW.