Friday, August 14, 2009

President Obama does not murder Otters

The new Trolley (now named Dolly - thanks Steph) works a treat and I was able to move a few tonnes of kitty litter from Billy up to the apartment without unloading it to get up the stairs.

Of course I had to unload it to get it into the elevator (it’s very small with a very narrow door) but that wasn’t so bad as there were no steps involved.

Next week I will have a trial run with wood. Why am I doing this so early? I hear you ask. Because by the time winter comes I want to have a nice pile of wood in the apartment and in the basement so that every time I put a log on the fire I don’t think “Oh No! I will have to go to Bauhaus to get more wood soon” - while listening to the wind howling outside.

I would rather have the comfort of knowing that there is stacks of wood downstairs and I don’t have to go to Bauhaus in the rain and the sleet and the snow to get frozen blocks of wood.

Billy has suffered his first scrape. The turntable in the garage was not working so I had to farnarkle around to get him out and scraped his side on the wall. Needless to say we are all shattered by this unfortunate development and Rozalin is going to make arrangements to have him mended as quickly as possible.

Also needless to say – Cate was palpably relieved that I was responsible for this first scrape and an immense load has been lifted from her shoulders.

Geoffrey and Carmella arrive today. Neither of them is fond of cats (this is somewhat of an understatement for Carmella whose preferred place for any cat is in a Kitchen Whiz with the dial set to ‘Blend’.) so Sissi will no doubt have a fine old time bothering them.

As it was news day yesterday I will bring you up to date. This took place in the USA but there is an Austrian involved – so it is allowed.

“A Vorarlberg woman was hospitalised after a pair of otters launched a savage attack on her as she swam in a lake in America.The 51-year-old from Altach, who is married to an American, was bitten eight times in both legs by the two otters while swimming in Lake Owen in Wisconsin while on holiday.The Duluth News Tribune newspaper has reported the woman, 51, had been swimming in the lake for 14 years without ever having seen an otter before she was attacked.She said the animals jumped out of the water and started biting her as she got out of the lake".

Well it certainly doesn’t look happy.

Maybe it had just watched FOX news and discovered that President Obama is planning on raising taxes, murdering all the newly born children of Republican voters, and euthanizing everyone over 65 - and Otters (to save money on health care).

I am sure they are wrong about that – I don’t think President Obama would murder an Otter.


  1. Who swims in Wisconsin lakes? They're ice cold. I mean, really... Maybe the otters thought she was a big, sleek fish?

  2. Felise just asked if the otter was at Grandad's house !!Perhaps you need one to control the cats when they are misbehaving.