Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jade says I look like Bruce Willis

Yesterday was my 200th Blog. Thanks to all those who sent messages, cards and emails.

We had a great time in Australia and caught up with a few people who I won't name as those who missed out might be disappointed (or relieved). I can only say in mitigation that if we missed you (and in the unlikely event that you feel slighted by this) it is not that you are too boring to contemplate being with (although that may be the case) but that we had very little time.

I should mention however that we had dinner with the Drop Dead Gorgeous Llama and Hunk at Manta. Prior to this we had cocktails at the Blue Hotel next door. I had two Cuban Peaches and this enabled me to float above my body and watch myself eat dinner. I am going to email the Bartender and ask him for the recipe.

Our main issue with travelling is the enormous amount of luggage we (i.e. Cate) has because the trip is topped and tailed with work and she has to carry both summer and winter clothes.

The situation was not helped when she leapt into Neiman Marcus In Vienna VA and bought some new outfits (at massive savings –they were all on sale). I did buy a new jumper and some T Shirts so am not without some responsibility but my weight (and cost) don't amount to a hill of beans compared to Cate's epic load.

Anyway –one of our Bags weighs in at 30 kilos so is difficult to lug around. However, on arrival at the airport to leave Bangkok, we were met by a man with a trolley who took us to the check-in where we could sit (Yes SIT) while we checked in on our Thai Airways flight.

This would horrify the people from United who would improve productivity by removing the staff and chairs, installing barbed wire and recruiting armed guards with cattle prods.

When we arrived in Manila we were greeted by people who took us to this weird lounge just outside the terminal where we were given towels and drinks while we waited for our car. Did I mention I like travelling with Cate?

Of course everywhere we go I am treated as the head of the family and this drives Cate crazy (even though I am known by her last name – not my own). However I do of course refer everything to her and always walk a couple of paces behind her when we are being obsequiously ushered about by the hordes of hotel staff.

In a hotel lobby in Sydney you could set yourself alight and burn to death before anyone came near you. In Manila you would be covered in wet towels before you could strike the match. To get out of the hotel you have to greet at least a dozen staff and push your way past hordes of porters, door openers, security people and various others of indiscriminate vocation. It is apparently the job of some of them just to stand there and smile. Pause and look thoughtful and you will be immediately surrounded by uniformed people all offering assistance. Ask to go somewhere and they will not direct you – they will take you.

News from home is sketchy as we are not getting many reports from Gretchen (well.....none actually) but Rozalin has reported that all the Cats ate together yesterday. We assume that this is in the same room and not from the same bowl but it is indeed progress and we are well pleased.

We really do hope that we are going back to a house where there is some degree of harmony and with fewer than three litter trays.

It is a very long time since I have been to Manila but there do not appear to have been any road works since my last trip in 1979. I had forgotten about the phenomenon of power poles festooned with hundreds of cables (they have this in other places including Bangkok).

I don't know why this is so. It looks like every user runs an extension cord from their house to the Power Station but I am sure this can't be the case.

I have just returned from the Chi Centre in the hotel where I had fabulous massage at the hands of Jade. This included aromatherapy, the ringing of cymbals and bells and many different types of oils. It was quite sensational and well worth the enormous number of Woggles it cost.

Jade says I look like Bruce Willis but I think she may be short sighted due to all the oils and cymbals.

She said that next time I come in she will wrap me in Banana leaves and give me a Hayahay massage.


  1. I'd been starved for your blogs so I'm glad to see your up and running again! You trip sounds fantastic.

    Summer here has been beautiful (barring the spate of downpours and flooding) and we're experiencing "normal" summer weather for now.

    Ducks in Stadtpark seem to be thriving and ducklings are getting big. Was lazy yesterday and laid in Stadtpark instead of going to the Marriott gym during my lunch hour. Was accosted on two different occasions by heft Turkish ladies asking for money to tell me my fortune. One stomped away in a huff after I expressed my true feelings for such things.

    So things are normal as always...

    Enjoy the rest of your trip and look forward to seeing pics. of the kitties (and of the trip, of course).

  2. Good luck with all the cat business!

  3. I've really missed your blog entries. Vienna seems so far away when you're not there, but Manila and Bangkok seem as far away as always even when you're there. You can figure that one out for me the next time you're floating on Cuban Peaches.

    Oh, and congrats on the 200th!

  4. 200 posts! Congratulations, particularly as they're mostly several screens long and must take some time to compose. But I guess that's where the Gruner Veldtliner comes in. Did I spell it right? I'm working from memory.

  5. Looking forward to seeing Vienna and the ducks (will they remember me?).

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Spelling is Gruner Veltliner

    The veldtliner must come from Seth Effrica )he he)