Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I like drinking Naked

We had some difficulty leaving Vienna. Apparently this is the first time the airport had been crowded with people wanting to catch planes and they simply had no idea what to do. Me – I would write a training manual so that this doesn't keep happening or they will make people really cross.
Cate was really, really cross – especially after the check in person told her that we were not sitting together. We sorted this out when we got on board as the man next to me was kind enough to change places with Cate. I told him I had been in Mexico for six months working on a pig farm.
She took the early model aircraft in her stride. She knew that it would not be a flat seat and that there would effectively be no in-flight entertainment but she was cheered immensely by the quality of the food – which is indeed remarkable.
A Chef travels on the plane and he serves food from Do & Co. It was truly amazing and was by far the best food I have ever had on a plane – even when I have travelled First Class (those days are long gone).

Everything else about the flight was awful.
Of course we arrived just in time for the Michael Jackson Hysteria Competition and have heard almost nothing else for days.
Our time with Will and Kris was – as always – delightful. On this occasion we even bonded with Steve (the cat) who then spent a lot of time on our bed and – like Muffin – is a night time explorer.
We had always wanted to see Costco so Will took us shopping. Quite astonishing. There were lots of very large people pushing very full trolleys. I always forget how big so many Americans are and it takes some getting used to after Austria.
There are so many colossal tubsters here that I really worry that it is a problem that cannot be overcome – especially by those who pass the bakery counter in Costco and pick up a 7 Pound Chocolate Cake or a 5 Pound Apple Pie.
I discovered some old favourites – including real Bagels - and some new things. My favourites were Salsa of a type I have not tasted before and Naked. This is a fruit Smoothie – mainly Mango but with Peaches and Apples. There are 2 Ponds of fruit in every bottle – Fabulous!
Will took us to the National Air and Space Museum and to Manassas where two Civil War battles were fought and we went to a nice French restaurant in Alexandria on the Potomac. We chose the night that there was a major knees up taking place in the upstairs room so didn't hang around for long.
Cate went to Washington on Monday to talk to people in government (I don't think she saw the President) and Kris and I pottered around Vienna and its environs. We discussed the lack of Chipmunks and some length and eventually decided that Maria the cat from next door must have eaten them. (Last time we were here their garden was heaving with Chipmunks).
I am on a Business Class ticket but the flight to Peoria is a shuttle service that has no Business Class. This means that I had to engage in hand to hand combat to get through without an excess baggage charge, I had to fight to use the Business Class entrances to everything and I could not use the Business Class lounge. I did all this with some élan and did not sweat it at all.
Peoria is a strange place. After some investigation I have discovered that within a six block radius of the hotel there are only two pharmacies – two! But there are more restaurants than I have ever seen in the one place. Perhaps this is why they rank #16 in the obesity stakes in the USA.
The streets are very uncluttered – apart from restaurants and office buildings there is almost nothing else. I have found a shopping centre but it contains no pharmacy and no electronics store (the only two stores I wanted).
There will be a place where all these things are but I haven't found it yet. The average Austrian would not last more than a day here – they would not survive the lack of pharmacies as there is at least one in every block in Wien.
I have just checked in with FOX and have confirmed that President Obama is doing a terrible job, that none of his programs have worked or will work and that his real agenda (as a Muslim and agent of Osama Bin Laden) is to destroy America.
I don't think he has to –I looked inside Cinnabon and I think it can do the job almost on its own.


  1. cinnabon is tame. what you need is a good fried chicken and waffles place. or go check out a 3/4 pounder at wendys.

  2. Yeah, the obesity problem in this country is terrrible. So is the problem with slobby dressers and college students who go to class (as well as WalMart and Starbucks) in their pajamas. No kidding!

    Weird, thinking you're here in the States...

  3. I thought Australians were fatter now?

  4. Glad you arrived safely! Yes, the obesity problem is quite something in that area, although states like Colorado boast the lowest body fat indexes - it varies drastically state by state. In Indy and KY, where I was a few weeks ago, I saw some of the largest people I've ever seen. And you're right - everywhere there are restaurants and food 'r' us - weird how I notice that now.

    With regard to the pharmacy - almost all grocery stores have them, as well as CVS, Costco, Wal-mart, etc. You don't have separate pharmacies as such.

    Enjoy the great exchange rate and it's great being back "in touch" with you!

  5. glad you guys arrived safely.

    well no wonder obesity is such a problem in the us, junkfood is the cheapest and your average joe doesn't have the cash to buy healthy food.

    just think of it, tomorrow you get to start the real journey to Aussi land :o))

    pls keep cate from having a breakdown till then,....


  6. You do know that Cinnabon (drats, I'm getting nostalgic again) has a mini-sized of their cinnamon buns, don't you? You can compensate by having them give you an extra container of that yummy creamcheese, butter, Tahiti Vanilla bean and sugar confection. *drool*