Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The new rug has Muffin stumped

A winter morning in Wien.

I went to Shopping City Sud to buy an electric frying pan to replace the one that exploded a few weeks or so ago and demolished the kitchen.

Saturn has electric grills, woks and griddles but no frying pans. This might be an Austrian thing – and maybe I have to go somewhere else. This may call for a trip to Tescos in Bratislava.

I will have to ask Rozalin (Cate’s immensely knowledgeable assistant) about this because she knows everything (or can find it out – she has spies everywhere).

David and Simone are back from eating their way around America and had a wonderful time. They ate something called ‘po boys’ and I will need to make further enquiries about the nature of this no doubt yummy dish. It sounds a bit like Cod intestines to me.

Muffin seems to have met her match with the new rug. Normally she can burrow through to the floor boards after a couple of days but Cod intestines reinforced with titanium have her stumped. She is eyeing the rug warily – planning the way forward.

I ventured back to Putzerei with some more dry cleaning for Cate and they agreed to take it from me if I provided the substantial amount of cash together with a bank guarantee - and left my wedding ring as security. It takes three days to get dry cleaning done – no I really don’t know what they do with it – but for what they charge they could send it to the USA and still make a profit.

I am a bit worried about Bill. For the last few days he hasn’t been eating his Rindgulasch and unless he does this he doesn’t really have anything substantial that he can bring up. I will have to keep an eye on him – but he seems to be quite happy.

The cats best trick is to get lumps of meat and spread them around Cate’s side of the bed so that when she gets up in the morning – if they are really lucky – she will step on one. This produces a truly astonishing reaction and my ears ring for days afterwards.

The big day for our Drivers Licences is next Wednesday and we have an 0800 slot. Naturally we have to take a couple of kilos of paperwork including our fraudulently obtained medical certificates, residency certificates, residency cards and (of course) passports. There cannot be too many people in Wien who have yet to see our passports – perhaps the sales assistants at Spar may be the only ones - I will take them in tomorrow to show them.

Quolly hasn’t written to me for a long time and we haven’t had a letter from Anna since John Howard was Prime Minister.

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