Sunday, December 28, 2008

Muffin needs some little friends

Muffin is lonely. She wanders around the house looking for Bill and waits next to the front door for him. Cate let her out and she went down three flights of stairs before being herded back inside.

We have decided that she must have some feline company so are embarking on a Kitten Acquisition Program (KAP) which will be put into effect soon. When Cate goes back to work she will consult Rozalin who, amongst many other things, is an expert on acquiring cats in Wien.

Rozalin is also in the market for a kitten and is planning on acquiring one in March when she gets back from her honeymoon. Yes – I know she is already married but she has been busy getting some new tattoos and didn’t have time for a honeymoon.

The Goose was a spectacular success – as indeed were the Pork and Turkey. Cate cooked dinners on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and demonstrated her stunning culinary skills. Her Date and Red Wine sauce was a triumph – as were the Brussels Sprouts.

The only recipe we could find was one of Gordon Ramsay’s so we both used a lot very bad language and cheated on each other while we cooked – and it seemed to work.

Of course we had much more meat than we could possibly eat so the fridge is still stuffed full and we will have our Semmels with cold meat for the rest of the week.

Melissa didn’t help much as we couldn’t make the Goose and Turkey look like Gummy Bears so she had to focus on the vegetables.

We went out a few times but our movements were restricted because Melissa feels the cold and turns blue fairly quickly. We bought her some leather gloves in the Wollzeile and these helped a bit but we couldn’t find any nose muffs so that part of her anatomy remained unprotected.

We did visit the Kaisergruft in the Capuchin Church. All the Hapsburgs are interred there in metal coffins – some of them astonishingly elaborate. These cheered up Melissa immensely because she likes nothing better than a really good graveyard.

We took Billy Benz for a gallop. He is a joy to drive and has a terrific navigation system. They were able to provide me with a manual in English so I will be able to work out what most of the buttons and gadgets are for.

We watched ‘The Third Man’ which is an unremarkable film except for the fact that it is set in Wien just after the end of the war - so we could point to places we recognise. I am not sure what the fuss is about and probably should watch it again to make sure I haven’t missed anything.


  1. Glad the holidays have gone well. The food sounds great!
    Muffin needs a friend huh? Good luck finding one, are you after a kitten?

  2. Yes - we have decided to get two female kittens so they will have company and can bother each other instead of Muffy.

  3. Oh Purrrrfect ( sorry I had too!)

  4. Trying to catch up on your postings - if you are interested in a kitten you can try at the vets I recommended - she always takes in unwanted kittens. She gives them the once-over, vaccinates them and when they are adopted the new owner just needs to reimburse for the vet fees. Two friends of mine adopted their kitties through her.