Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We have failed them

These are my grandchildren. My generation has failed them.

I am frustrated by my inability to do anything of real substance in the face of the mind boggling ineptitude, incompetence and willful destruction of our values by the Trump administration.

The appointments he has made make it look like he actually wants to destroy America.

Perhaps he really is a Russian agent doing the bidding of Putin. He certainly behaves as though he is. 

Each Secretary he appoints is someone who has no affinity whatsoever with the area they will control and indeed most of them appear to want to demolish what they have been given.

The potential head of the Environmental Protection Agency is a noted climate change denier. This is not unusual - the majority of this administration’s senior people are -  but the damage this person could do is immense. 

Sydney has just experienced its hottest month ever. i.e. it was the hottest month since we started keeping records some hundred or so years ago. 

Each year is hotter than the last and indications that every future year will be hotter than the last.

My personal  belief is that it is much too late to actually do anything to stop what is happening. There are some things we could do to mitigate the future effects but even in Australia - where the climate change effects are obvious even to blind Freddy - the government sits and wrings its hands and does nothing.

The Labor party has a plan - so the government immediately starts a scare campaign tell all and sundry that their electricity bills will be enormous if we try to mitigate climate change. 

This is rubbish but in any event - there has to be some cost to attempt to save there planet. 

Indeed the majority of Australians are prepared to pay something. 

But our chicken shit Prime Minister is captive to his right wing. And - our deputy Prime Minster is a creationist. Yeh he thinks the world is 6,000 years old.

Give me a break.

If we keep kicking the can down the road we will find eventually that the can has been turned into a boulder and is no longer kickable. 

We only have one planet. When we destroy this one there is nowhere else to go.

Now what happens - or does not happen - is not going to affect me much. But it will affect my children and it will certainly affect my grandchildren. 

In 20 years time they are going to wonder why the fuck we knew what was happening and did almost nothing about it. 

They will think well there must have been a reason. There was obviously a big problem so why did they not take any action.

Well I am telling you in advance my dear children and grandchildren whom I love so much that we did nothing because we are fundamentally dumb, cowardly deadshits.

There are only two groups of people in the whole world who do not accept that climate change is real. They are the conservatives in Australia and in America. 

History books will record their stupidity, their lack of imagination, their cowardice, their self interest and their inability to see the bleeding obvious. 

Many are dying now because of climate change which causes massive storms and devastating droughts.

Millions will die in years to come. 

So really - no one says it better than Lily Allen so you should watch this video.


  1. Sadly, I agree with everything you say, and I too dread what the world will be like for my 2 beautiful grandchildren. The planet is fucked.

  2. I am fearful about the future too, ?luckily? for me I have no grandchildren. I guess we can only blame ourselves but surely most blame rests on the shoulders of the rich nay-sayers? I am frantically recycling only to be told it costs more in resources to do so. Depressing.

  3. No, Badger, your generation has not failed those beautiful kids. No, Alexia, you should not dread what the world will be like for your grandchildren. You should avoid generalizations about the state of the planet, for we have no ability to judge what might or might not happen. No, Sandy, you should not be fearful about the future. You say you’ve already made a foolish mistake about an elementary subject such as recycling, so there’s no way in the world that your credentials make you a good judge of the future, which will be an infinitely bigger subject than recycling. Leave it up to the future to inform the children what the future is really all about. That’s commonsense, no?

    Badger, we can tell from the children’s smiles that they’re more than glad to be where they are: on the verge of moving into their future (not ours). Do you imagine for a silly minute that those kids might be troubled by your “inability to do anything of real substance” in the face of Trump? Don’t forget that mad Donald will have disappeared from the scene forever when those kids are old enough to get enrolled in university studies.

    On the other hand, if you really want to do something good for your grandchildren, stop thinking about Donald and simply help their parents to enrol those great kids in a future top-class science faculty.

    You then use a curious phrase: “much too late to actually do anything to stop what is happening”. Didn’t your Australian teachers ever tell you, Badger, that humans can do absolutely nothing to stop what's happening in Nature? All they can do is to understand those happenings.

    That, unfortunately, is exactly what the Trump idiot has never been capable of doing. He would even understand the direction of the wind if he pissed into it and got a blast of warm urine in his silly face. So, Badger, forget Trump and his cronies. They won’t hurt anybody more than they wound themselves. And above all, they’ll never hurt your grandchildren… who’ll maybe imagine one day that the infamous old fellow named Trump, residing in a mental home, was some sort of descendant of another old-timer named Adolf. Why not?

  4. Error: He would NOT even understand the direction of the wind if he pissed into it...