Friday, February 3, 2017

This is America!

I forgot to tell you about how excited I am about Beyonce being pregnant. 

Fuck me dead this is such fantastic news. 

The people starving to death in Africa and the Syrians being slaughtered in their thousands rise as one and say how excited they are about this truly phenomenal event. 

And twins! Holy shit - this is truly a miraculous intervention by the one who loves us and guides us all. Who else would give us so much joy in the face of the excrescence of the toxic presidency

Clearly this is God's work. 

Sure he fucked up badly with DJT but he is making amends with this sensational life giving experience. Do not knock this. This is his gift to you. 

Now B has 86 million followers on twitter. This is one off the scariest numbers you will ever see - and gives you a pretty good idea why Trump is President. But you need to suck it up. It is what it is. 

This is America. Rubbish reigns. Good Luck!


  1. Every baby born into the future should normally be offered the possibility of living in a more-evolved society than our ratbag place. Those hundreds of thousands of fetuses who are waiting around today (I haven’t tried to count them) should have better chances for a better future than ours. So I would like to send my best wishes to Beyonce’s future child (who probably doesn’t have adequate software for picking up my message). And I hope of course that this small creature will glide successfully into the fabulous old land where countless millions of babies have discovered the greatest place in the world for children. Am I positive enough?

  2. Goodness William. You are most benevolent. Look I am sure the children of this person will most certainly glide successfully through life - there way being eased by riches beyond contemplation.

    And Ernest; I just know that you have heard about her - you have just
    refused to listen.

  3. The creation of a new human being is an unbelievable event that we simply don’t understand. We all know how to start the process, and we have a rough idea of how it’s going to take place. But we have no idea whatsoever of how or why that new existence of a human being is created, with a mind and an ability to think. If anybody had answers to that question, they would be close to what people used to call God. Even thinking vaguely about what’s happening inside Beyonce’s body would necessitate infinitely more skills than what’s offered by all the world’s great universities. Nobody in today’s world can tell you what really happens when a reddish hunk of meat glides out of a woman’s body, then starts to breathe and cry. We know nothing whatsoever about the first instants of human birth. It remains a total miracle. Don’t you understand what I’m saying ?