Monday, June 6, 2016

Who is counting

 I am really getting very bad at blogging. 

I think I am going through a stage - or I am just sick of blogging because I have been doing it for eight years. 

So we went to Cleveland which took rather longer than I thought it would. Cate decided that we would drive and not stop. Reminder to self: Do not have two cups of coffee before driving for 5 hours non-stop.

We saw many people being pulled over by the police. I am not sure how the police decide who to book for speeding - because everyone is speeding - but at the same rate. I would be fascinated to learn.

We went to the Rock and Roll museum which was just fine. There are some people who I think should not be there - such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift - not because I don’t like them - although I am not too keen on Beyonce - but because it does not seem to have much to do with Rock and Roll.

I personally think the Rock and Roll era ended when Chuck Berry retired and since then we have had many types of music - but it is not Rock and Roll. But that’s just me

We also went to the theater to see Steel Magnolias by a local group. If you can think of any reason that people would go to Cleveland to attend the theater - please let me know - because I am struggling. 

Anyway - for the fossils out there - the original film had Shirley Maclaine, Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Olympia Dukakis and Daryl Hannah and I seem to remember that it was wonderful and funny - and sad. 

This production was simply awful and both Cate and I went to sleep at various stages. It was as exciting as the Great Viennese Ant Census. But the theater was nice.

And we went to the Cleveland Art Museum which is really quite astonishing and currently has a major exhibition of Egyptian art on loan from the British Museum. 

Well I have seen it all before in the British Museum and it looks pretty much the same. But you can never get too much Egyptian art can you? Well actually you can and I have. 

The garden has been finished and the new plants are in the first stages of extinction. Some of them are brown and crispy - which is never a good sign - but we are assured by the garden people that if they are watered and nurtured they will come to life - and prosper.

Well this will be a first for any plants that I have ever had anything to do with - but I will give it a try.

Today we are going to Washington for a wedding tomorrow. This may be our 26th trip this year but who is counting.


  1. The majority of speeding tickets I have received were in Ohio. Those cops have ESP for speed. Love that movie, it still makes me cry.

  2. The hiway cops in the county below me seem to be great at finding massive amounts of heroin through simple car stops on I-40. I am sure they look for out-of-state license plates to find the folks traveling from Phoenix to NYCNY.

    I think my upcoming South Dakota trip will be only my 2nd trip of 2016, for trips more than 1 hour away. I think Pepper will be in good hands while I am gone.

    I seem to have only so much time for writing which is distributed between blog commenting, blog writing, and correspondence with my friend who is in prison. It seems that dictation using my iPhone works pretty well, but I am limited by sleeping dogs who don't need to be disturbed at 4:30 AM. I find that if I am talking, the dogs seem to always think I am talking to them, unless I have the speaker phone on and they can hear the other human. They never interrupt me when I am on a phone call like that. But if I am talking to my wife in the same room then Cooper is always rudely interrupting. Pepper seems to be totally mute and is actively creating his own sign language.

    I wonder if the Egyptians will ever get all their antiquities back from foreigners.

    I think Dictator Donald has been doing a much better job lately of destroying his chances for the presidency, so I am encouraged. I am really hoping he is convicted of fraud in the Trump U case.

  3. fmcgmccllc: There were certainly more cops in Ohio than in Indiana.

    I think your friend is more important than the blog. Georgia and the cats do not like it when I speak on the phone as this detracts from the time I should be rubbing their ears. Georgia is an excellent barker and will oractise these skills day and night.