Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mangled apricot hellbeast

Gosh - where to start.

Well it is so hot here that plants are withering and dying and birds are dropping from the sky. We are watering the garden constantly to help our new plants survive and so far there are only a couple of casualties.

Today we had our weekly pilgrimage to Rosie’s nursery to buy plants. We always go there at noon on the hottest day of the weekend and the people at the nursery sit in the shade and watch in astonishment as we trudge around in 100 degree heat and collect plants - slithering in our own perspiration. 

I am encouraged by the fact that we are almost out of room and new plants can only be planted if the old ones are removed. 

This may slow Cate down bit but she is very tenacious and may want me to build a deck over the garden so that she can put in another layer. 

We have commissioned a new fence so that we can provide more space for Georgia to hurtle about. It will also get her closer to passers by in the street so that she does not strain herself barking her head off at them. Georgia considers that anyone she can see is trespassing on her domain. 

Anyway - she is getting one of our grassy bits and Cate’s forlorn hope is that she will run about on the grass and stop tearing the garden to pieces. 

Good luck with that.

It is mulching time again and this year I got only four yards. This means that we have a reasonably light covering of mulch and are not up to our knees in it like we were last year when I cornered the mulch market in Indianapolis. 

I had a very easy time and forked it into the wheelbarrow and Johnny schlepped it up the driveway and into the garden.

Speaking off being forked - I see that the Trumpster’s wheels are finally starting to fall off as he continues his reign of stupidity and starts to plummet in the polls.

This blithering nitwit has turned stupidity into an art form and really should be stuffed and put in a glass case on rosewood plinths in the Museum of Natural History. 

The case would  be labelled ‘the dumbest man who ever lived’. And Jiminy Cricket - there is a lot of competition for this title in America.  

I loved the comments on twitter after he congratulated the Scots for leaving the EU (they voted to remain).

My favourite was someone who called him a ‘Mangled apricot hellbeast’ - although I quite liked ‘weapons-grade plum’. 

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  1. I lost practically all my grapes on my two southern plants but the two northern ones seem just fine. I asked the wife if we had hail while I was gone to South Dakota, and she said twice. I think the storm must have come in from the south and the southern plants protected the fruit on the northern plants.

    I don't see how Trump can even get close to winning the WH with his mouth, lack of funding, campaign infrastructure, and the continual stream of Repubs distancing themselves from him.