Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We could have 37 cats

I'm sorry I cost so much - I will get a job
I got a reminder from the vet that Georgia was due for another vaccination so yesterday I took her along. Coincidentally she developed a wonky eye a few days ago so I was going to get that sorted out as well.

I got her out of the car but then had a titanic struggle getting her into the vet’s office. She now weighs 45 pounds so when she does not want to go somewhere it is difficult to persuade her. When I finally got her inside she tried to climb on top of my head. This did not work so she tried to hide under the chair. The bleeding on my head was not to bad and I told the vet that no medical work was necessary.

The vet gave her the vaccinations and looked at her eye – and her back knees which are also wonky – with patellar luxation – which affects labradors -  and her skin - which is itchy.

The vet also noticed that she has a broken tooth. This is hardly surprising given what she eats – or tries to eat.

I left with pills and potions after being relieved of $305. She has drops for her eyes, glucosamine for her knees, pills for her allergies and pills for her skin.

One of the prescriptions says – “give two tablets every day for two weeks – and then one tablet a day for life.”

The vet also sent me a quote to have her teeth cleaned and her broken tooth removed. This was for $600. After this happens I can then get a new tooth for her to break. This will require specialist dental work and they wont tell what this will cost until you are lying down and have been sedated.

I have figured roughly that for what it costs us to keep Georgia we could 37 cats.


  1. I spend far more money on Cooper for meds and annual visits than I do on myself. There is no such thing as a "Free Kitten". I thought I was over my cold yesterday evening but Cooper has been enjoying the great sunny eventually warm outdoor beginning yesterday. I got some very good news yesterday, will email you later.

  2. Our Max stopped having itchy skin problems - which were severe at times - after he was only fed home-cooked rice and chicken and some special preservative and corn free dog food.

  3. OMG, never heard of dental implants for dogs. Mine is quite sturdy though if you are worried. But I do not chew on wood and such.

  4. esb: But I must say that Georgia is worth every cent and I would spend my last dime on her. Very good news indeed. I am very pleased.

    Merisi: I am not sure what is causing this. We are going thru a process of elimination.

    fmc: Look I do not think we will do this. She will chew anything and will just break it again.