Friday, December 4, 2015

I will pray for that

After today I am never going to blog about guns ever again. I promise.

Yesterday the Republicans in the Senate voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (yes again) and to defund Planned Parenthood.

On the same day all the Republicans except one (1) voted against measures to strengthen gun control laws.  

The Senate rejected an amendment that would deny people on the federal terrorism watch list the ability to purchase guns. It also rejected an amendment that would expand background checks for guns purchased online and at gun shows. It also rejected an amendment that would have delayed suspected terrorists from getting a gun for as long as 72 hours.


Suspected terrorists can buy guns? Congress is OK with this?

Anyway at least all the Republican presidential candidates prayed a lot for the latest victims and their relatives. They did rather more praying than they did for the Planned Parenthood victims - when there was a deafening silence in Republican land.

Carly Fiorina said the first thing she did when she heard about the shooting was pray. As we all know prayer works wonders.

I wonder if it can cure Carly from  being a congenital liar? I will pray for that but I am not confident. 


  1. Perhaps praying on a Sunday is more effective? Unless she's a 7th Day Adventist. Oh, I have birds... :)

  2. I think you, cate and the fur kids ( and this goes for Melissa and her posse too) should move back home. Yes we still have a few guns, the occasional loony and our politicians have fallen from the moron tree and hit a few branches on the way down. But it's still a hell of a lot better than living in places where religion, amendments and political one upmanship is more important than the safety of the people. *shakes head in disbelief*

  3. Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, who murdered 14 victims at San Bernardino, formed a reserved ultra-conservative couple. We are now told that he was a 28-year-old American of Pakistani origins, described as “calm, timid and polite”. Here in France, we use the term Daech to designate the political organization to which these murderers belong.

  4. If a Republican presidential candidate doesn't pray, you mock the silence. If a Republic presidential candidate does pray, they are mocked. Which is it? And if prayer is flawed, why did Democratic presidential candidates offer prayers?

    The Senate rejected an amendment that would deny people on the federal terrorism watch list the ability to purchase guns. It's called Due Process in America. Try reading our Constitution a little more than politically charged media.

    Perhaps you should move back to Australia; one of your former politicians did issue a travel warning about the US...

  5. I am just still in shock. I heard Black Friday was the largest day for personal gun sales ever in the United States of America.


  6. Sandy: I firmly believe that prayer has the same effect no matter the day or the time.

    lenny: I full agree and Cate is planning her retirement.

    William: Most of the mass murderers here appeared to be quite unremarkable until they became mass murderers. This is going to become an increasing problem in Europe and America.

    VictoriaK: The point I was making is that the Republican presidential candidates prayed ostentatiously about San Bernardino but were silent about Planned Parenthood. The democrats prayed for everyone. For the record I believe that religion is nonsense and so is prayer.

    The senate republicans did not do this for Due Process. If that was so important why did the Democrats apparently trample on the constitution and vote for the amendments. The Republicans did this because they are owned by the NRA.

    I will go back to Australia where we have our fair share of really stupid politicians who do and say really stupid things.
    If my blog makes you unhappy you are under no obligation to read it.

    esb: Yes I saw that. San Bernardino will have pushed sales up too.

  7. Sorry dude, Due Process it is. And the Dems are currently voting for socialism. And under the "Watch List" as shitty as it is at one point included Ted Kennedy.

    The one thing we US citizens believe in is the right to bear arms. Because we had to fight in armed combat to gain our independence from the British.

    I love you and Cate and your blog, but in the USof A we get to keep our guns so the government never gets too cocky.

    And my right to bear arms would not have stopped the pipe bombs found in their garage.

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  9. fmcgmccllc: Oh I would never suggest that you cannot bear arms because that can never happen. I may even buy on myself one day. My point was that this issue is not about due process it is about the power of the NRA. The majority of Americans want better gun control. The NRA through Congress will never allow it. It does not bother me much but I wish politicians had the courage to admit why they do things instead of hiding behind the constitution. And I love you and BD too.

  10. The above is/are why I didn't put a comment on this post.

  11. Alexia: Yes and it is why by days of blogging about guns are finished.