Tuesday, December 15, 2015

They are as good as anybody's loonies

I feel better now that 195 nations have decided that we must do something about global climate change.

I have been fretting about this for a while – and especially when we had that idjit in charge in Australia. You know the one who wanted to shut down the clean energy industry and thought that wind farms looked awful. Give him good coal-fired power stations any day!

Not that it matters all that much to me - but I do have children and grandchildren and they are going to be around for a while in a world which is getting hotter and more polluted by the day.

This year is going to be the hottest year ever in Australia and this is a bit scary  – because it is already so damn hot. But at least we are sort of trying to do something about it.

This week in Whacko Land - a town called Woodland in North Carolina decided not to approve a solar panel farm because one of the local idjits said that it would ‘suck up all the energy’.

But we too in the Antipodes have our fair share of people who do not believe 99% of the world’s climate scientists. They believe this largely because – as in the case in the USA – they have it drummed into them by the fossil fuel industry - the conservative media and professional deniers paid by the fossil fuel industry.

Even in parliament we have some real ratbags who choose to believe in a whole range of climate conspiracy theories. I would pit our best loonies against anybody’s loonies – they are world class.

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  1. I have always thought that rating high on the "loony" scale was a prerequisite for politicians, or leaders of any kinds really.