Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We do not know when

Time for a Viennese duck
The hissing cans have been such a success that we have been able to put the rug back in the dining room. We do not expect this to be the end of the trouble and I am sure Sissi is planning revenge. I am ready for her every move.

Finally the back deck is complete. It has been erected – painted – had lights hung and yesterday I washed the cushions that fit on the chairs.

Actually I washed the covers which zip off the cushions – which are just lumps of foam. I have been through this type of thing before so was very careful to wash the covers in cold water and dry them without using the clothes dryer.

They appear to have shrunk to about ¼ of their original size – but in fact it is possible to get the covers back in the cushions with a great deal of effort. The first one took me 20 minutes but I hope to improve on this as we go along.

So anyway – it is all finished -  just in time for winter.

Today the men arrived with Cate’s treadmill.

They were reasonably cheerful until I told them it had to go on the second floor and they had to negotiate two sets of stairs – one narrow.

They conferred about this and there was much muttering and shaking of heads. Then they said they could not do it because the stairs were too narrow – the treadmill weighed 400 pounds – it was eight feet long – and they were not strong enough.

(400 pounds – did I buy a treadmill for an elephant?).

After seeing my evident unhappiness at this turn of events they conferred with head office. I had paid $249 to have the treadmill installed in the ‘room of my choice’.

Head office is sending stronger men to the do the job – maybe even four of them. 

We do not know when.


  1. I'm surprised you don't have a goods lift..

  2. Please take pictures of the stronger men, sometimes, once in a while it gives us women a wistful sigh.

  3. I love the elephantine moments of life.

  4. lenny: Ha! There used to be a lift (elevator we call it here) in the house but it was removed when the house was turned into apartments.

    Annie: I thought about that - but the windows in the top floor are too small.

    fmcgmccllc: I will make a call about whether I think they are attractive. Some of them have heads like grave robber's dogs.

    esb: This one is bigger than I would like.

  5. We are not interested in their attractive looks we are interested in looking at the brawny aspects.