Tuesday, September 9, 2014

There is nothing quite like it

The Home Tour went off well. Hundreds of people tramped though our house.  The majority made complimentary remarks and told us what a wonderful house we have.

Others were clearly unhappy that we had modernized the house on the inside. We did keep the uneven floors and the creaky stairs but this was not enough for them. These are the purists who like to have wood stoves and bad plumbing.

The cats were locked in the basement from 12-6 and were not happy.

As punishment for this indignity Monika escaped over the deck fence on Sunday night and vanished for half an hour.

We were wandering the streets with torches and had given her up for lost when she appeared at the back door – seemingly unconcerned by the whole process.

Sissi peed on the floor – but she does this every day so it was probably not connected with the basement imprisonment. So no – I have not worked out how to stop her from doing this - but still have plans in mind.

In the meantime I smother the floor with orange oil every day to try to contain the delicate odor of cat pee – of which there is no equal.


  1. Oh friend, I feel for you. Sammy went through a pee phase. And then it was over. And we put him in the prison every day while I work, which now a good thing. His coughing was out of control and the Vet put him on theophilin(sp) which makes him pee. So now he pees in prison every day. But he can breathe.

  2. fmcgmccllc: I hope our pee phase will be over soon.

  3. You need to watch My Cat From Hell. Jackson Galaxy will solve all your cat problems! Not so sure about orange oil. The only thing I've found that works are the commercial stain/odor eliminator products. Good luck!