Friday, December 13, 2013

Would you want to shit in the dark?

Last night I made a salmon and bacon quiche and this was much better than the first one I made with asparagus – although I used too much salmon.  I used some Australian native spices and these added a little something special. I can add this to the list of ‘Nice things I can make for Cate’.
We are expecting up to 5 inches of snow tonite – and I had not realized what an impact this would have on the local residents.
I went to Marsh to buy the ingredients for vegetable soup and the place was absolutely heaving. There was one shopping trolley remaining when I arrived -  and the lines at the cash registers were incredible.
I thought that perhaps I had missed the announcement about the Rapture but the woman at the checkout said – resignedly ‘It’s the Apocalypse – it’s going to snow so people are expecting the end of civilization as we know it’.
She was not impressed but I cheered her up by telling her how quiet it would be next week – after the Apocalypse.
Jeezus – have these people never seen snow before?
We used to go out in blizzards in Vienna.
Speaking of which – my storm lamps and storm radio have been delivered and have been set up -  so I am ready for any emergency.
And I am pleased to report that the cats appear to have adapted to the relocation of their litter tray and food dishes to the basement – as far as I can tell. Monika did miss the litter tray by about 5 metres on one attempt but I am writing this off as teething troubles and her lack of spacial skills.  
Now I know that cats can see in the dark – or am I making this up? - but anyway I bought some motion sensor lights and put these in strategic positions down to and in the basement. Perhaps this is crazy – but would you want to shit in the dark?


  1. Americans are addicted to catastrophe, due in great part to the Weather Channel's tabloid sensationalism. I mean, they're naming storms now. Sheesh! This isn't the America I was born in.

  2. Yeah, snowstorms are an entirely different event on the other side of the Big Pond. I learned pretty fast that it makes no sense to try to go out after a snowstorm in DC, at least not for a day or two. It does not matter if YOU have the driving skills, the guy in front will step on his breaks in the middle of going uphill (checking if they still work!), and there you are, hoping against hope that St. Christophorus or whatever saint is responsible for such miracles, will keep that car in front of your sliding slowly into yours. I say it makes sense to stock up on everything you may need over a couple of snowbound days (does not help if you are in walking distance of a store - their supplies will have been depleted, their empty shelves not stocked for days, with the frozen food aisles a melting mess because the power's out, too, and it is cheaper to have insurance than emergency power generators).

    In Vienna, I am still surprised that everything keeps running, even during heavy snowfalls. My kids were in utter shock when they realized that no matter how much snow fell overnight, schools will still be open! I still remember my first Christmas here. Snow had been forecast, the first flakes were supposed to fall around 11 PM. Well, I went from the Rathaus Christmas market to the metro station and was astonished to see snowplows waiting in side streets, men in orange overalls, literally shovel and brooms in hand, ready to push every single snowflake out of streets and off the sidewalks.

  3. The worst thing that would happen to us is getting trapped by icy streets that the city just would $$$never$$$ clean off, and we happen to live where either way back to civilization involves going uphill steeply. So we learned to stop buying rear wheel drive vehicles.

    I wiLL try my groc store obtained frozen quiche today, I'm just waiting for Tamie to wake up. It is swiss cheese, bacon, onion and chives. In the meantime I wiLL have a cheese and jalapeño corndog.

  4. SK: I agree, naming a snowstorm? If the snow does hang around long enough to form a glacier then it is okay to name it.

  5. Punkin Head used to ask me in amazement when he first started at Trader Joe's, "What do all these people suddenly need milk, bread and eggs for"? He said they sold out everytime a storm was predicted. Did not matter if it was Michigan, Philly or New York. Same every time.

  6. Shitting in the dark is so over rated !

    Thank you for your kind words on my photoblog.

  7. SK Waller: Will you can count on it not getting any more rational.

    Merisi: I had assumed that what happened in Vienna would happen here - but know I know differently. But in Vienna we never had to drive on bad roads so maybe is really hazardous here - I will try no to find out.

    esb: Cate is worried because I do not have an AWD car - but I am making some soups and stuff to freeze so that I do not have to go out when the weather is too bad. I may freeze some quiches too.

    fmcgmccllc: Well now I know how it worked and will plan ahead.

    Janine Kain: My pleasure.

  8. At least you live in a metropolitan area where taxis are available.

  9. If you’ve just got married, you’re driving to a hotel with your new bride, and it’s snowing in Indiana, beware of pulling over to assist a lady who has slid into a ditch. [tragic story]

  10. William: This type of things has happened a couple of time on Indiana roads recently. It is a very bad business indeed.