Thursday, December 26, 2013

It was not Vienna - but...

On Christmas eve we went downtown to look at the lights in monument circle. It was not Vienna but it was quite satisfactory for the American mid west.
Everyone and has dog was driving around the circle and there was quite a traffic jam. It was well below freezing and much too cold to walk.
We had drinks at the Conrad hotel and then dinner at St Elmo’s. The service was not so good but the steak was very good – and Gwenyth loved the fiery – and legendary - shrimp cocktail.
We had our Christmas lunch at 5:30 PM on Christmas day. This is how it usually works out as we are always slow starters on Christmas day. The turkey oven was a howling success as was my remote temperature gauge - which told us exactly when the turkey was ready.
Gwenyth already has a turkey oven and a remote temperature gauge on her shopping list.
On Christmas night we watched Lincoln – or rather I watched Lincoln while Cate and Gwenyth dozed.
We have had a report from PK who is – as usual - sailing in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. The seas are very lumpy and the smaller boats are having a tough time. This would not bother PK who has sea water in his veins – as well of course as a fair amount of Jameson.
We are leaving soon for Montreal. I shall endeavor to report on our progress during our sojourn to the frozen north.


  1. Have you winter journeyed in Canada before? I have only been one time to Canada in the summer to fish in northern Saskatchewan 40 years ago.

    1. I was also briefly north of Canada once when I went to Detroit.

  2. We went out for lunch to a local hotel where they served the usual with all the trimmings. We avoided that queue and headed straight for the prawns and oysters. Although we had no prep or washing up to worry about, we also had no left overs! Catch you again next year. Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.