Monday, December 16, 2013


Well the snow did not happen as forecast – but we got a lot last night when it was not expected. I had to take Cate’s car for its first service this morning and the roads were diabolical. However – motorists were driving very carefully and there did not seem to be any problems.
Apart of course from some of those people who drive monstrous pick ups and seem to live in a world of their own – a world which in which they are invincible and which is devoid of traffic rules or common sense.
I would not want to be in  a collision with one of those mothers!
My main concern is the front and back porches and walkways. It has been below freezing for days so the snow has frozen and is very slippery. I discovered that my snow shovel is no good for ice – I will need to get a better implement.
I have been putting extra seed out for the birds – but all I am getting is sparrows. Last night late there was a rabbit out there eating the seed. I am guessing it must be pretty tough for rabbits around here in winter so I am happy to feed them.
Everyone here is says ‘Happy holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’. I think it is a bit weird. Even I – as a non believer in supernatural beings – still accepts that it is Christmas. That’s just what it is called and has been for some considerable time. So why not say Merry Christmas?
I noticed when fiddling about inside my blog that this is my 1000th post since I started blogging in August 2008. Jumping Jehoshaphat!


  1. Don't forget to keep water for the birds. More die of dehydration than of starvation in the winter. I fill the birdbath with hot water to thaw the ice every day we dip below freezing.

  2. You've been blogging since 1998? You mean 2008, right? Either way, that's a lot of posts! I'm impressed. I'm only in the 400's. Watch out for that ice. It's been pretty slick even down here.

  3. SK Waller: Oh Dear! We don't have bird bath yet - I shall deal with this immediately.

    Wanderlust: Yeh I mean 2008 - I have fixed that thanks.

  4. The Easter Bunny will remember your kindness I'm sure. Happy 1000 and Merry Christmas! (PS did you feed the birds at sparrow fart? Ahahah ha ha h - I answered your comment in the same vein).

  5. Happy Milleniumpost! Oh, Merry Christmas as weLL. I am one of those F-350 truck drivers, but my tires are only about mid-sized and I think my suspension height is about normal. I also do not have any of the special computer chips instaLLed to turn it into a drag racer.

    I don't see many squirrels now that we took down the electrical line annoying giant elm tree in the southwest corner of the property, and there are fewer birds. It jumped up to about 60 briefly which meant it felt like 95 sitting in the bright sun and intense solar that can be my backdoor step at 2 PM, so yes, I was getting a bit of a tan, hah! And it is going to be in the 70's on Thursday, so I need to work hard Tues & Wed to take off to play with Coopie.

  6. Sandy: We sure beat the birds out of bed - that don't show up until lunchtime.

    esb: Thanks. I really worry about the big trucks with BIG tires.

    Cooper is very lucky that you take time off to play with him.

  7. Any suggestions on how to stop the bird bath from freezing?