Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sissi was not pleased at all

I am enjoying watching the Tea Party try to destroy America. Isn’t it wonderful that the USA has its own home-grown Al Qaeda that can trash the US economy all on its own. I just can’t wait for the debt ceiling to be reached so they can drive the economy into another recession. 
The Republican party at the moment reminds me of a cartoon I saw once. A guy is holding a gun to his head saying ‘give me everything I want or I’ll blow my brains out’.
Meanwhile – back in the real world – Sissi started sneezing a week or so ago and we thought she was suffering from hay fever. This could be from external sources or from inside the house. It is very old and has a musty basement – which affects me on an almost daily basis.
However – a few days ago she developed a hacking cough so I took her on her first visit to a US vet. She was not pleased at all and did poos on the vet when she weighed her.
Turns out she has an URTI so the vet gave her an injection which should fix the problem. She has already improved so we might all have a better night tonight.
We seem to have one squirrel back – and it comes out every morning to dig in the mulch surrounding the yews. It frantically digs a hole and then moves on and digs another one. No I don’t understand it either.
The first picture is of my new Forest Pansy Redbud. The second picture is what it will eventually look like if I do not kill it.


  1. As you have no track record with plants and trees in the ground versus a pot we must give you the same nod we all get for landscaping. Gotta love that tree.

  2. Beware the two week Red Bud allergy siege in the spring! But first, you'll be hit by two weeks of Bradford Pear allergies.

    As for the government shutdown, I think it's time someone storms the Bastille. Seriously. We need some virulent protesting going on.

  3. I think I have the eXact same tree in my front yard! I didn't water it enough during the previous years of drought and I think I came close to losing it. I don't seem to care much about the things growing outside my house eXcept my grape vines, and they didn't produce a single grape this year.

    Tamie gave me a funny story about Cooper and I am trying to figure out how to write it, hopefully I wiLL figure it out by morning.

    I am glad Sissi is on the mend.

    I have never heard anyone refer to the Tea Party as Al Qidha like, funny, I can see it now.

  4. URTI - woohoo, thanks to Duckduckgo I now know the meaning of one more acronym! I hope Sissi feels better and you all had a good night's sleep.

    You missed a house-rattling earthquake here in Vienna! Last night, I thought the walls were coming down, or at least the window panes brake. Lots of shaking and growling noise. I felt as nauseated as if I had been on a sea-going vessel n a storm. There was a previous one, about 10 days ago, at 4 AM. It woke me up, and I was sure there were people in the room, scared stiff because I had heard some strange noises and someone stumbling or falling.

    The squirrel is storing food for winter, that's why it's digging like mad. ;-)

  5. fmcgmccllc: I am confident that even with my intervention - nature will prevail and that my plants will survive.

    SK Waller: Oh goody - just what I need - another thing to be allergic to. I think my problems here are going to be worse than they were in Vienna.

    esb: Do you know why you had no grapes? How long was the drought?

    Merisi: Wow - an earthquake in Vienna - I am impressed. Yes - but the squirrel just digs a hole and moves on - he doesn't put anything in it.

  6. Sitting on my front deck right at this moment looking at the neighbour's glorious Forest Pansy. It has just finished flowering and is now covered in beautiful purple leaves. It's a total delight.
    Try your hardest not to kill this one!