Thursday, October 17, 2013

A whole wall of bats

Our neighbor spent some hours last night assembling his Halloween display. Perhaps we might do something like this next year.
When I was at hospital recently having my medical checkup for residency the whole place was stuffed full of Halloween paraphernalia – including a whole wall of bats.
Many people have pumpkins on their porches and lots of these have been hollowed out and carved into faces. Cate put a whole pumpkin on our front porch and the squirrels dismembered it and scattered it all over the place.
Perhaps an American can tell my why everyone goes so bananas over Halloween – or has it just – like Christmas and other holidays – been taken over by people wanting to sell large amounts of gruesome schlock.
I have given the plants one last watering and made encouraging noises – indicating that I do care deeply about them and would like them to make a special effort while I am away.
I will of course attempt to blog while we are away. We shall see.


  1. When you have spent a full year here you will know that Americans embrace any and all holidays with gusto. And also cheap and tacky crap to stick, lay, pin up, hang and nail into place. I cannot wait until you see the Christmas wreaths wired onto the grilles of cars and antlers on the hoods. And no one will ever believe you saw a real reindeer.

  2. I gave away 10% of my pineapple plantation today (one plant), but actuaLLy my friend was s'pposed to have got it a couple months ago. I did make a wonderful photo print from my Epson of a pineapple bloom that I had taken with my iPhone camera. The print was 10 inches by about 14, pretty amazing. Getting plenty of work lined up for the embroidery machine, just waiting on shirts and caps to arrive. I got some metallic coated threads today. So, its Thursday, are you traveling now?

  3. I also do not understand the need for this holiday here in Australia. Annoying in the extreme to have the neighbours children knocking on the door expecting lollies. I cunningly bought little boxes of sultanas and nuts but am seriously thinking of putting down the garage door and turning out the lights. That would be MY treat! Enjoy your trip.