Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scary white teeth

When the company pays for our travel – as it does for our home leave – it naturally wants to pay the minimum amount possible – so hunts for the lowest air fares.
We had a bit of a scare today when we thought we were flying Delta to and from Australia. We had heard all about Delta from fmcgmccllc – so were a bit trepidated.
But the connections did not come together - so we are on United. We know United is awful – but we are accustomed to their awfulness – having had lots of practice.
I find US airlines to be uniformly bad – and particularly hate the flights between Indianapolis and Chicago or Washington.
They have these funny little Brazilian planes and the notice on the safety card in the seat pocket says that they are assembled in Mexico. This does not fill me with confidence.
The flight attendants do not seem to enjoy their work – and who could blame them.
I would certainly not like to look after a plane full of grumpy asshats all of whom have just been through security so – even if they started off with a sunny disposition – are now having a bad day.
Lots of flight attendants have scary white teeth - as do so many people in America. What is it about teeth as white as snow – and even whiter than the ones you were born with?
They have ‘teeth whitening spas’ here – and the pharmacy shelves are full of whitening products. I have had conversations with people whose teeth are so white I simply could not take my eyes off them. Caught by their luster of their teeth like a rabbit in a spotlight.
I read that some people have their teeth whitened so often that the teeth lose all their enamel – and turn green and blue. Fortunately there are solutions for these people -  there are special dental veneer and implant surgeries for people with blue teeth. Some of them will arrange finance – it costs a lot of money to turn blue teeth white. 


  1. Whew, you did well to get the awfulness you know-what is that saying the devil you know is best. The teeth whitening is about the quest of all U.S. citizens to look as young as possible. I cracked up when I was in the tooth supply aisle at Walgreens In New Orleans, it was full of tooth repair kits-and most of the natives had no teeth.

  2. The teeth aren't the only scary thing about that lady...
    Have a safe trip! That'll protect you from the awful United.

  3. And it's not just the teeth that are scary.

  4. I had not noticed iced barb looking Barbies before, perhaps because I rarely fly anywhere. So far Cooper has had positive dental reports every year, perhaps its because of his milk bone habit of getting one after every meal. I don't know if there is a feline equivalent.

  5. fmcgmccllc: Yes we are very lucky - but this is the last time the company will pay for us so we cannot avoid the horror forever.

    Sandy: She would be handy during a power failure. She could open her mouth and light the way. She is certainly an interesting looking woman.

    Merricks: Indeed!

    esb: Well I should look at that. A cat we once had used to eat uncooked chicken bones and this kept this teeth in good shape. These cats are not up to that but there must be something I can give them.

  6. We should invent a cat toy with string - dental floss!!!