Monday, July 22, 2013

We love you Douglas

The New York Times saga may have reached a conclusion.  

On Saturday I received an email telling me that the matter was being attended to by the District Manager. Holy Toledo!

But on Sunday we did not get a paper so I sent my usual email - ­and at 11:00 a large black man knocked on our door and handed me the Sunday NYT.

He said his name was Douglas - that here did not know what had happened previously – but in future he was going to personally deliver my paper every day at 5:00 AM. He gave me his telephone number and said I should call him if I ever had a problem.

I thanked him profusely – gave him a big hug and invited him to Thanksgiving.

We got papers on Monday. Things are looking good!


  1. At last you're seeing some of our better qualities here in the US. Congrats to you and a big thumbs up to Douglas!

  2. I can just heart the thud when the paper hits your front steps at 5:00 AM! ;-)

  3. Oh dear: I meant "hear" - come to think of it, I'd love to hear that on MY steps! ;-)

  4. SK Waller: I always had high hopes for America

    Merisi: No thud - he places in silently

  5. If I got that kinda treatment from cussed-tomers, dinners & hugz, I would be a paperboy too. Probably pays better and slightly less sweaty than HVAC work. Off to revise my resume ...