Friday, July 26, 2013

I was frightened of risotto

There are now four squirrels eating the birdseed – it looks like parents and two juveniles. To take some pressure off this Cate gave them some strawberries – and I have made the squirrel food more accessible – but they prefer the birdseed.

I also tried to move the birdseed further out of reach but the little wretches get to it by leaping into space and landing on top of the seed cage.

I have been frightened of risotto for a long time – ever since I made my first one in Vienna a year or so ago and totally massacred it. But I was reading some cookbooks looking for inspiration – and decided to have another go.

So last night I made (very carefully) an asparagus risotto. Cate said it was terrific – high praise indeed from such a discerning consumer.

Northern Cardinal
I am very pleased that I can add this to my repertoire - and next time will be a little more adventurous with what goes in the risotto. 

On the subject of Australian spices – there are many - which have been used by the indigenous people for millennia and have gained popularity in recent years.

They are distributed – along with many traditional spices from foreign lands – by a company in Byron Bay. They do not ship overseas so I get our regular visitors to bring me some.   


  1. Squirrels are rodents and if fed become nuisance animals. I have had then jump up and hang on the screen doors of the doorwalls. We have so many squirrels here and they are such scavengers I gave up on brd feeding. My mother-in-law who lives in the country puts up free standing feeders and greases the poles so the squirrels can't climb up them.

  2. Maybe you can make squirrel risotto?? Loving the red cardinal, so striking, definitely gives some of our parrots a run for their money in the colour stakes.

  3. fmcgmccllc: We are still at the stage where we think they are cute. That may change.

    Sandy: I am not so sure - there is nothing like a good parrot.

  4. I love squirrels. We have several more prairie dogs in our ecosystem than squirrels, or at least they are more visible.