Monday, July 29, 2013

I will keep trying

On the weekend we started hanging pictures. This is one of my least favorite activities – of which there are many. I am very bad at this and can never get the picture in the exact position that I need to – or more to the point – that Cate needs it.

It is especially difficult when you have to line the picture up with a window or door - but the most terrifying thing is having to hang pictures side by side – and have them precisely in alignment.

Cate has accepted that I cannot do this and now staggers the pictures so that one is artfully placed below the other – and no one knows the real reason why.

I thought there has to be an easier way to do it than the trial and error method I use - which makes the wall look like a pin cushion - so I went online and found a video about hanging pictures.

I discovered that there is indeed science involved in the process and all that is required are a tape measure, pencil, keen eye and steady hands.

I have only the tape measure and the pencil so my efforts were not as good as they could have been – but much better and less stressful than usual. We have started the process but have a long way to go as there are many walls crying out for pictures and photographs.

I have moved the bird food once again in an attempt to combat the squirrels – but apparently they can fly. I will keep trying.


  1. I would suggest a smaLL level and those laser beam alignment tools. There are probably some good websites for composing picture arrangements, feng shui-ing, etc. There is also the Pin The Tail On The Donkey approach as weLL.

  2. I can't do it either, even with a tape measure. I have just learned to embrace the pin-cushion wall look.

  3. Brave new world:
    I wanted to give you a link to a bubble level, a fine thing to have for picture hanging.

    Found a fine list of bubble levels at Clicked on my level of choice and encountered this, at
    Access Limited
    We have detected that the IP address you are using is outside of the United States.
    This website is only accessible for US-based residents. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    . Really?

    Are they afraid someone from outside the USA poses some sort of worry if they let them look at their bubble levels? Are these dangerous instruments? Are they discriminating against non-residents wanting to give a link to American friends? Or worse yet, order one and send it to them?

    When I went back to the original website,, their website was now was greyed out, but this cheerful banner welcomed me back:
    Welcome back! Did not find what you wanted at AllenPrecision? Put it on your radar and let us do the work for you!. Interesting they found it worthwhile to store my search query and "catch" me in the act of returning to their website.

    Enough said. I still would recommend a bubble level. Get it at your local old-fashioned hardware store.

  4. Try the Droll Yankee Whipper on a hanging planter garden post. The garden post and the length of the feeder keep the squirrels away. All the squirrels get are the scraps that the birds drop.

  5. We should be careful to stop mixing up comments about hanging pictures (with or without laser tools) and squirrel problems. Badger is such an utterly impossible guy at a practical level that he's capable of purchasing (through the Internet) the very latest bubble level and believing that it's a tool to beat down squirrels that attempt to eat bird food.

  6. esb: I am half way between pin the tail on the donkey and the laser beam.

    Wanderlust: You need to watch a video online.

    Merisi: I blame Edward Snowden for all this.

    Victoria K: I wil certainly investigate something with such a terrific name.

    William: But I will be able to make sure that the squirrels are level.