Wednesday, December 19, 2012

She is not the girl she once was

On the weekend we found a new Italian deli in Singerstrasse and it sells Salcicce. I So yesterday I bought some and today will try to create one of my favourite restaurant foods – Penne Salcicce. 

I have looked at a number of recipes but fancy I will try to invent one. I have some backup soup in the fridge in case of catastrophic failure. 

We did not have much Christmas shopping to do and polished it off on Saturday and I have finished wrapping them – albeit rather badly.  I am not good at wrapping and they always look like they were put together by a person with only one hand.

The duck pond partly froze for a few days but is back to normal now as the weather has become quite mild again – today it is 4°. I guess we would think this was really cold in Australia but here it means that we do not need to wear our really heavy coats and hats and gloves.

We decided not to put decorations on the tree – because of the black cat factor – and contented ourselves with lights. Sissi has explored the lower branches of the tree but – unlike when she was very young is now to um….. how shall I put it….. well built – to venture into the higher branches. 

I think you are up to date now.


  1. Yes, Backup Soup is a veRy good thing. I am trying to eat smaLLer meals as an overaLL plan for a smaLLer me. It seems to be working marvelously. That reminds me that I need to start a batch of burgers of bison and pork. I cook 4-5 and then have meat for several meals, usuaLLy soups. I am not sure if I am done present shopping but I have to work downtown today. I am also in the middle of repairing a friend's heat pump. I began something totaLLy new two days ago, I am studying neuroscience and find it entirely fascinating. I am semi comicaLLy upset with my wife, as she left the milk out during supper prep and now I can't make blueberry pancakes. Oh, the horror. I just realized the store opens in 5 minutes, yea!

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