Monday, September 17, 2012

The wheels grind slowly

Another sunset

After a great deal of effort by Rozalin our landlord finally replaced the torn and missing skylight blinds in our upstairs studies. This took some considerable time as the wheels move slowly in Vienna – indeed a man came to inspect the first damaged blind about 9 months ago.

Since then another two disintegrated - and I had to tack an old sheet over one skylight to keep the summer sun at bay.

However – Rozalin is tenacious – and eventually they give up and do the job rather than being berated by her every second day. 

So they did the job. Unfortunately each skylight has in fact two blinds. The large skylight itself – pointed skywards - and a small window facing out over Beatrixgasse.

Of course they replaced the black skylight blinds with new white ones – so in each window we now have a non-matching set.

Black and White
Undaunted – Cate has put Rozalin on the job again and she has succeeded in convincing those responsible that all the blinds need to be the same colour. So – one day – not in the near future – a man will arrive with new blinds.

A few weeks go there was a building notice that informed us that the front and back door intercom systems were to be replaced – with work to commence on 26 August.

Work did indeed commence as advertised and the intercom systems were replaced. Now they don’t work because they have not yet been connected to anything – and there is no indication as to when this happy event may take place.

In the interim the front and back doors to our apartment block are left unlocked – because of course no one can buzz anyone to let them in – and our front door buzzers do not work anyway as they are all connected to the main system.

One wonders if they have let the contract to two separate contractors. One to install the new intercom and another to turn it on – and the latter are on summer holidays.

It is best not to fret about these things as eventually - albeit exceedingly slowly – all problems are solved.  


  1. Hmmm, it seems to me that one of the things you are paying for in your lease is a more secure environment, and their lack of improperly instaLLed communication devices diminishes that security.

    I like your sunlight streaky silhouette picture.

    I hope her bicycle wounds are healing fast.

  2. For as AR as the Viennese are about not allowing customers to move a chair from one cafe table to another, this lacidasical attitude about the important things makes no sense.

    We were actually told off at Cafe Diglas once for moving a chair from an empty table (we were the only people in the place at the time) to our table to accommodate a friend.

    I'll never understand the Austrians...and I'm half Austrian!

  3. esb: Unfortunately this building also contains offices and a massage parlor so is never really secure.
    Gwenyth is on the mend.

    SK Waller: Austrians are impenetrable